Photo Illustration showing a housing development.

Proposition 1 could authorize bonds to fund housing

Proposition 1, known as the Housing Programs and Veterans’ Loan Bond, would authorize bonds to fund housing assistance programs,

North Korean panel shared their stories of being refugees.

North Korean refugees share their lives with CSU Fullerton

Following the summit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and United States President Donald Trump earlier this year, North

Faculty meeting to discuss student disabilities.

Disability Support Services speaker teaches acceptance

Students with disabilities can experience physical and attitudinal barriers on a college campus, said Rosalind Blackstar, assistant director of

Students for Quality Education held a demonstration in honor of David Josiah Lawson.

Students for Quality Education held “Justice for Josiah” demonstration

Cal State Fullerton’s Students for Quality Education held a demonstration Tuesday in front of the humanities building to spread


The leg depicts comments received by women judged by the length of a skirt and marked where the skirt ended on the leg.

How women are taking back their sexuality online and at work

Women who embrace their sexuality face a stigma: Expression of their bodies results in being labeled as a slut.

Moana being pet by a visitor with handler Jen observing.

TitanWell and Pet Partners OC bring dog therapy to Cal State Fullerton

Walking into the TitanWell patio on select Wednesdays, furry friends such as Moana the bunny and Monet the poodle,

Sarah Albassri, a Syrian refugee, escaped the war zone in Syria five years ago and came to the United States.

Cal State Fullerton graduate escaped war in Syria and continues to pursue her education

Correction: This article was changed at 1:25 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18 to correct the spelling of Sara Al Bassri's


‘White Boy Rick’ is a well-done portrayal of one teen’s role in the war on drugs

It’s galvanizing and hard to fathom that in the 1980s, 15-year-old Rick Wershe helped the FBI bust drug dealers,

Gaby Barcelos and Haley Carmo of CSUF volleyball shaking hands

Gaby Barcelos and Haley Carmo went to college together to rebuild the CSUF volleyball program

In her last two seasons of Santa Margarita Catholic High School volleyball, she won two Southern California regional championships,

Haley Carmo celebrating

Cal State Fullerton volleyball hosts Hawaii on Saturday

Cal State Fullerton volleyball will play Hawaii in Titan Gym on Saturday. On Tuesday, the Titans fell to Long Beach

CSUF Neena Dimas falls to the ground to stop the volleyball from hitting the floor.

Cal State Fullerton volleyball defeated by Long Beach State, extends losing streak to 14 games

Cal State Fullerton volleyball extended its losing streak to 14 games after being swept by Long Beach State on

CSUF men's soccer huddles around forward Samuel Goni after he scores a goal in the second half to put the Titans over Sacramento State, 1-0.

CSUF men’s soccer Guerin and Goni named players of the week

For the first time in the Cal State Fullerton men's soccer history, the Titans swept the Big West offensive

An astronaut hovers over the moon.

Review: Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’ perfectly

The first person on the moon was not taking one small step for mankind, he was taking a giant

Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee face each other.

Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ airs fantastic premiere

The season nine premiere of “The Walking Dead” titled “A New Beginning” begins at what seems to be about

Colorful fragments of the main characters faces are shown in the show poster.

Review: ‘Maniac’ follows after shows such as Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’

Since the arrival of “Black Mirror,” Netflix has fully embraced the mind warping, psychological thrill that has drawn viewers


Review: “Vol.2 Hard Knock Life” 20th anniversary reminds us of Jay-Z’s legacy

Jay-Z’s third studio album “Vol.2… Hard Knock Life” sold 5 million units and propelled him to stardom in the

Scales of justice with a smiling evil blue horned devil on the right, and a smiling evil red horned devil on the left, symbolizing a balance of evil on the ballot between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats and Republicans don’t represent independents

This midterm, there are close races in Orange County between Democrats and Republicans. It’s easy for people to vote

Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot that looks like a seven foot tall orange Oscar the Grouch with orange googly eyes and big grinning mouth dressed in a team Jersey waves.

Why we need more mascots like Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty

The Philadelphia Flyers’ introduction of Gritty, their first mascot since 1976, was met with overwhelmingly negative feedback by people

Resume with a picture of person's picture with rainbow stripes filled in the persons figure, the resume has a red rejected stamp on it

Texas Christian conservative groups unfairly discriminate against LGBTQ workers

Texas Christian conservative groups, U.S. Pastors Council and Texas Values, believe that they have the right to legally discriminate

A clock sits on a plate, surrounded by a fork and a knife.

Column: Fasting helped improve my eating habits

There are things that take precedence over my mealtime: If it’s not school, it’s work and then homework. My



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