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In the Tuesday, Feb. 17 edition of the Daily Titan, I was misquoted by Nick Brennan as saying that the Comparative Religion professors are teaching that all religions are false. That is not correct. To the best of my knowledge, no professor has taught that "all religions are false." Several professors, in fact, teach that they believe there is truth in all religions. The statement was taken out of context and gives a meaning that was not intended.

The comment's context was in regards to the problem of young people, who do not have a religious background and are not being taught that there is a truth. If religions are supposed to be answering the question of what is that Ultimate Truth, but yet the conflicting ideas about what "Truth" is, some naturally walk away with the impression that there are no true religions. How can they all be the same if all they propose different ideas?

Just comparing the religions does not give an answer. I understand the church/state problem with this issue in that no one religion can be taught as being true over another. I wish the department could officially teach whether or not it is possible for all religions to be true, if there is one truth behind them all, or if there is actually one Truth above the others. Unfortunately, we are hobbled be court decisions regarding the First Amendment, and the mistaken idea in this culture that faith does not have anything to do with facts.

I apologize if I was not more clear with Mr. Brennan. I do not believe that he was mean-spirited or intended any ill will in his article. I also believe that this is a good learning experience for both of us. If he will use a tape recorder in the future, I'll shut up sooner.

Eric Gorsuch
President, Comparative Religion Student Association

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