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For the next several months lecture halls are being renovated, buildings are being strengthened and offices and departments in the library are being shifted around.

One of the latest upgrades is the remodeling of the fourth floor in McCarthy Hall, where the faculty and staff decided to build a new anthropology department and museum. Michael Smith, director of design and construction, said the only thing left to be done is the addition of new furniture.

"The project is expected to be completed by the end of this month," Smith said. Room 121 in McCarthy Hall is another project being worked on to deliver effective lectures to students in the science classes.

This particular lecture hall, which seats 125 students, will feature a new seating arrangement and new audio visual equipment.

The hall will have long table tops with seats attached to them. Each seat will have a data port attached to it so that students can plug in their lap tops, Smith said.

"This offers a whole new way to lecture," Smith said. "It is a $300,000 project. These are old lecture halls that need to be refurbished."

McCarthy hall is not the only building undergoing changes. The library and the Titan Bookstore have also been remodeled and rearranged. The reason the library has been fenced off for several months is because it is undergoing a major seismic upgrade. This is to strengthen the overall structure of the library in case of any earthquakes, Smith said.

The changes in the library also include upgraded facilities in what is now called the Learning Technology Center. With the upgraded center, the facility that televises CSUF classes and is received by students at San Jose State has been greatly improved, said Harry Norman, dean of University Extended Education.

"We continue to send interactive television courses to the Mission Viejo campus, the San Jose Library Science degree program and others," Norman said.

The rest of the library-the third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors-will be remodeled in a month-and-a-half. As for Library South, the doors that were once the entrance will remain closed. They will only be used as emergency exits.

Like the library, the bookstore has undergone some drastic changes. The once single-floor bookstore is now a two-story bookstore with an escalator that links the two floors together, a coffee shop, an Orange County Teacher Federal Union branch office and a multi-purpose conference room, where the Academic Senate will meet.

"Being a customer and an employee I think it is beneficial to have so many registers and locations to be able to purchase everything," said Leslie Richardson, a junior majoring in business. "The lines were a lot shorter this semester. It's a lot easier to find things because the departments are a lot more distinct."

There are a few final touches that need to be made before the bookstore is complete. These include installing a ceiling and new lighting in the south lobby, said Jerry Olson, director of Titan Shops. There will also be some additional merchandise fixtures to the wearing apparel department.

"I think the Titan Bookstore will serve the needs of the university well into the new millennium," Olson said.

Future planning includes the remodeling of large lecture halls, such as room 121 and 123 in the Humanities building. There will be new lecture halls added to the Visual Arts Center and Langsdorf Hall.

"All of these projects are for the students. It'll make going to school at Fullerton a lot more exciting," Smith said.

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