Christmas craze sweeps over Furby fanatic

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Well I’ve started my Christmas shopping, and even though I’ve only completed about 10 percent of it, at least I’m on the right track. Now I know my Christmas exploits don’t matter much to you Daily Titan readers, but I just wanted to share my joy in letting you know I’ve obtained the most wanted gift of Christmas ‘98.

Yes, that’s correct, I’ve obtained a Furby.

For those of you who don’t know, a Furby is the must-have gift of Christmas ‘98. It’s been on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, it’s been everywhere. If you don’t know what a Furby is, you must be lost this Christmas season. Or out shopping.

A Furby resembles a cross between a Gremlin and an owl. Its charm is that the Furby can sing, dance, and communicate with other Furbys in a language called Furbish. I’ve been told that you can teach the Furbys things and that the longer you have the Furby, the more it to speak on its own. It may sound spooky, but it’s what’s on every child’s list this season.

Now you may ask how did I come across such a treasurer. Well, I never intended to buy a Furby. It really serves no purpose to me. I knew that it was the must-have item of this Christmas season, and although the critter is charming and could perform wonderful things, I had no business obtaining one. That was until I walked into Toys R Us and saw people with them in their hands.

My eyes were amazed, there were Furbys inside the store. Seeing an actual Furby in someone’s hand fascinated me. So I started looking around, no Furby. Then being the hopeless Furby fanatic I had become, I started asking people. I found out that I just missed them handing them out, they had received a shipment that was gone in seconds. My heart dropped; no Furby for me.

But then a glimmer of hope; a man told me they still had some Furbys and that I should wait a couple of minutes. So I stood there hopeless, and soon a stockboy came and told us that there were no more and that we should come back tomorrow. I felt empty, my Christmas season was destroyed.

But by instinct I stayed longer. Then Santa arrived, dressed as a Toys R Us stockroom worker. Santa had the goods, he had Furbys. I snatched one without hesitation, what’s even worse I took my original Furby which was black with a little brown and asked for a new color Furby. How pathetic had I become?

I whipped out my money and bought it. I was so excited I took it to my work which was nearby and showed my girlfriend and my co-workers. I called my brother, I told my mother; you would have thought I won the lottery.

But after all the excitement wore off, I was left pondering something. What was I going to do with this darn fuzzball?

Should I sell it for $350, the asking price of someone in the L.A. Times classifieds? Hey a $300 profit sure sounds nice. Maybe I should just give it to one of my cousins, but one Furby wouldn’t be enough. My girlfriend said she wanted it, so maybe that’s the most logical thing to do. But she already knows I have it, so that’s no fun. Maybe I should just take it back and get the money. No, that would be stupid.

Well, who knows the fate of my Furby, maybe we were destined to be together.

But just a reminder Daily Titan readers, it’s white and I’m taking all offers.

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