Size doesn’t matter to real ladies

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Pascal said, “Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point.”

In French, the phrase reads, “The heart has its reasons, whereof reason knows nothing.”

Reason definitely played no part in the decision some sap made to marry the girl I heard jabbering with a friend last week about how big a diamond she wanted for an engagement ring.

I’d heard the conversation a billion times before from hundreds of other women. It always goes something like this:

“Yah, we went looking for rings this weekend,” says girl one.

“Did you find any you liked?” replies girl two.

“Well, there was this one, but (insert name) doesn’t really have the money for it. I’m so bummed too— it was huge! I’ve never seen more diamonds in my life!,” girl one blabbers.

“Oh. Oh, that’s too bad,” girl two concludes.

What the…? Too bad? Uh…?

A ring is a ring is a ring, and if a girl is more obsessed with the size of the ring resting on her finger than with how much you love her— then a girl is a girl is a girl— and guys, you should dump her before she steals from you more than just your heart.

Don’t be suffocated by a lady’s — I mean a female’s— demands (I’ll make the distinction between the two in a minute).

A girl who looks to material things to symbolize the depth of her relationship with you will only squeeze every ounce of your soul from you— and then some.

To make the distinction between a lady and a female, let’s just say that a female is only a human whose biology gave her two X chromosomes while it only gave you one. A lady is female who comes with a few added bonuses, like honesty, depth and character.

A lady’s not going to cry if you don’t drive an expensive car or have a huge house. She’s not about to pout either if you don’t buy her a gift every time you step out or if your job involves manual labor rather than power briefings with million dollar clients.

A lady won’t fuss over the size of your billfold, the ring you give her or the home you eventually share with her. If your female is getting freaky over size, get rid of her!

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