What to do and what not to do at a rock concert

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One time I went to this concert and had the most interesting time.The show was not very good. The bands tried their hardest to please the crowd and pleasure them in the ways of rock and roll, but the energy just wasn’t there.

I realized in the middle of the show that the reason no one was having the best time of their lives was the fact the audience wasn’t giving the bands any energy to feed off. For a rock band, rap group, DJ or even a poet to give a good performance the crowd has to be into the performance. If the performer thinks you are bored they will get mad and not care about their performance. Maybe the reason that concerts go bad like this is the fact that people don’t realize there are certain guidelines that should be followed to have a good time at a rock show. So here are a few tips to have a good time at your next Garth Brooks, Madonna or Ozomatli show.

Rule #1: If the venue is general admission like the Palace in Hollywood or Club 369 in beautiful Fullerton beware the people around you. I happen to be tall so my main problem is blocking other people’s views of the show. I know what it is like to try and see your favorite band blocked the entire show by some guy with a giant styrofoam #1 finger waving back and forth.

Rule #2: Although California placed a ban on smoking inside places of business, realize the drunk Hell’s Angel in the corner has no care about killing himself or you with his cancer-ridden cigarettes. Get over the fact that people like to smoke at shows. People have been doing it for years inside of Linda’s Doll Hut and some silly smoking ordinance is not going to stop them from lighting up and having a good time. If the smoke bothers you; move, ask the person to stop ashing on you or question why are you out to see a band at a loud, smelly and disgusting rock club in the first place.

Rule #3: The way bands realize you are having fun is by applause. If you don’t clap the band doesn’t know if you like them, hate them or are just waiting for that one song the radio always plays. The best way to know if it is time to clap or not besides asking the band’s roadie is to simply pay attention to the show. Also if you pay attention that means you are not talking over the music and annoying the diehard fan that came all the way from Alaska to see the show. If you clap when the songs are over the band will like you better. If the band likes you better they will play better and so on . Are you seeing a pattern kids?

Hope these hints help at the show.

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