A moment with Minus the Bear

In Music

Seattle buzz band Minus the Bear will perform at the TSU Pub
Sept. 2 at noon.

Formed three years ago from the fragments of other established
Northwestern bands, the rock outfit fuses keyboards with jangly
guitars and humor.

I spoke via telephone with singer/guitarist Jake
ȁC;BatmanȁD; Snider about making music and monkey knife

MB: With song titles like ȁC;Monkey!!! Knife!!!
Fight!!ȁD; and nicknames like [guitarist Dave Knudson’s]
Funzo, are you guys big fans of ȁC;The SimpsonsȁD;?

JS: Yeah, I guess so. [He laments that for its time, the show
was revolutionary but it hasn’t been as funny for years.]

MB: Other influences on your music?

JS: Basically anything. Personally, I get inspiration from rap
music…The Police, Led Zeppelin.

MB: Favorite bands at the moment?

JS: A lot of Shudder to Think, some D’Angelo and Sade,
Broken Social Scene…a group called the Books.

MB: What does college radio and playing at college campuses mean
to you?

JS: We like it; we think that demographic is pretty much our
demographic in general. We try to play all ages shows as much as
possible. The college shows basically give you potentially a lot of
fans quickly.

Their six-song EP is out now.

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