How to lose a roommate in 10 days

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<p>Warning: Try these tactics at your own risk. The Daily
Titan is not responsible for any disturbances in student
residential life.</p><p>

Day 1 &#150; Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Follow your
roommate around and wipe off everything he/she touches with
sanitizing spray. Arrange all the food in the cabinets in
alphabetical order. </p><p>

Day 2 &#150; The Next American Idol Sing the Annie theme
song every time you&#146;re in the shower. Hang pictures of
yourself in the hallway, bathroom and outside your
roommate&#146;s door. Practice Britney Spears&#146; dance
moves when your roommate has company over.</p><p>

Day 3 &#150; Home Sick Pound on your roommate&#146;s
door at 4 o&#146;clock in the morning and tell him/her you had
a bad dream. When your roommate does something to your disliking,
threaten to tell your mom. </p><p>

Day 4 &#150; Dumb and Dumber Exchange all of your
roommate&#146;s laundry quarters for pennies. Constantly forget
to bring your keys with you when you leave the building. Call your
roommate from across campus and ask for directions to get

Day 5 &#150; Weird Science Tell your roommate you were a cat
in another life and constantly interject meows and purrs into daily
conversations. Chant spells in a foreign language and blow handfuls
of glitter at your roommate. </p><p>

Day 6 &#150; Good Grief, Pig Pen! Before your roommate gets
into the shower, get everything in the bathroom wet. Open all the
soda cans, throw away the bread bag ties and cut off the cereal box
tops. </p><p>

Day 7 &#150; Kleptomaniac Steal one sock from your
roommate&#146;s laundry each week. If you have multiple
roommates, play Trading Spaces and makeover their bedrooms. Eat
your roommate&#146;s food; collect 10 bonus points if
it&#146;s labeled with his/her name.</p><p>

Day 8 &#150; Princess Sophia and Binky Winky Insist that you
only get cell phone reception right in front of your
roommate&#146;s door and have intimate conversations with your
significant other there. Be sure to use pet names, talk like a baby
and make kissing noises.</p><p>

Day 9 &#150; Confessions of a College Drama Queen Accuse
your roommate of not caring about you and being the reason you seek
outside counseling. Sob hysterically for no

Day 10 &#150; The Last Straw Cut out advertisements for new
roommates and stick them to the refrigerator door.


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