Seth Green and a goofy gang go camping

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For Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and newcomer Dax Shepard, a trip
in the woods is the ultimate disaster that ends up changing their
lives in ways they could have never imagined in the new big screen
comedy ȁC;Without a Paddle.ȁD;

The story begins as the too-cautious-for-his-own-good doctor Dan
(Green), the corporate commitment-fearing Jerry (Lillard) and the
wild child who never grew up Tom (Shepard) reunite at age 30 for a
friend’s funeral and rediscover their childhood dream of
finding the treasure of D.B. Cooper.

(Cooper became infamous after disappearing into the Washington
state woods with $200,000 after a parachute escape in 1971.)

The three friends vow to go into the woods to find the treasure,
starting off as a tribute to their dead friend but ending up as one
last carefree adventure they want to share together.

And they certainly do come face to face with wild adventures:
scary bears, stoned dogs, wild mountain men, beautiful and naked
earth-loving women and many more disasters.

ȁC;Without a PaddleȁD; is packed full of hilariously
crude jokes and laugh-out-loud moments. Green shines as the phobic
little guy who just can’t get a break throughout the

Lillard takes on a more serious role than his previous Shaggy
part, revealing to the audience his surprisingly deep spiritual
side and awesome surfing skills.

Shepard is uproariously funny as the guy who appears to be
clueless but is secretly very intelligent.

ȁC;Without a PaddleȁD; is great for people of all
ages. Adults will reminisce about the old Beach Boys’ songs
and chuckle at Burt Reynolds’ role as a goofy mountain man.
Teenagers will appreciate the dirty jokes and Green’s
frequent weird food encounters.

One of the funniest movies of the summer, ȁC;Without a
PaddleȁD; is an awesome camping flick that teaches the value
of friendship and growing up. The theme that it’s okay to
laugh at yourself makes this sweet story irresistible to

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