Time to wake up Rip Van Winkle; you (and we) have a world to change

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Like all good things, today summer has officially come to an end
for the thousands lucky enough to begin fall classes at CSUF.
Brimming with the irrepressible energies common to those pursuing
college educations, we occupied the sunny, three-month interim with
gusto, be it frolicking on the beach or networking at

But now we are back. We at the Daily Titan will work hard to
shake off the cobwebs of summertime bacchanalia so that we may
provide you, our peers and our audience, with diligent coverage and
insightful analysis of the issues most pertinent to those who
attend CSUF.

Our sober mission is to provide a clear voice that slices
through the cacophony of other media to reach the students, faculty
and administration of our great campus. We hope you will not only
take notice, but also participate regularly through letters to the
editor so as to provide an organic, multi-voiced publication that
reflects the brilliant diversity present at CSUF.

In entreating you, the reader, to make your voice heard, we at
the Daily Titan challenge our audience to take notice of not only
their encapsulated world, but also the world at large.

We are coming of age during an era as dynamic as any, tackling
collegiate studies while America faces policy conundrums both
foreign and domestic. Like the educations we receive, the dilemmas
this nation faces will, no matter how they conclude, leave
indelible impressions upon America and the world.

America is at war, on the eve of a presidential election, and
mired in the greatest trade deficit it has ever seen.

On a smaller scale, California and its newly elected Governor
face the same problem that loomed when the Daily Titan printed last
spring – a stifling budget shortfall.

On a still smaller scale, CSUF is again tightening its budget
belt while providing education to an always-increasing torrent of

To recapitulate, the era in which we live is fraught with
frightening questions. But we will not shy from challenges or
difficult questions, and promise to do that which is in our power
to galvanize and embolden you to think critically about the
questions destined to weigh upon your future. Our voices must be

In the coming days and weeks, the Daily Titan promises to
present its readers with strong, bold, well-supported and perhaps
even controversial opinions on the topics that lurk ominously over
our day-to-day lives. We will inveigh when we see fit and condone
when we feel appropriate; we will shrink from nothing.

We will march steadfast toward fulfilling these promises. We
hope you will look forward to and read thoroughly our future
promulgations regarding topics ranging from state budget issues,
federal interest rates, foreign policy, presidential campaign
assertions, classroom etiquette, terror alerts and campus

Just as importantly, we implore anyone curious enough to peruse
our humble pages to in turn submit their own written opinions for

We envision a Daily Titan opinion page replete with the diverse
and urgent opinions one would expect during times of such

This semester, this campus, this newspaper and this world have
limitless potential; they will be only as good as you make

Let CSUF’s collective intellect reign.

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