DMB disciples flock to Home Depot Center

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Jacqueline Lovato

Dave Matthews Band played at the Home Depot Center in Carson on
Aug. 28 and 29 and delivered amazing shows that epitomized the
strength of their unique style.

Anxious fans pushed and shoved their way to seats, and by the time
the sun left the sky, the buzz in the air was electric.

Jem and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals played opening slots
and contributed to the excitement.

The anticipation climaxed when DMB took the stage. They opened
solid with “The Stone” and kept the intensity high
throughout the weekend.

The six men didn’t miss a note. Their fingers danced upon
their instruments with a liveliness that transcended to the
audience who danced in their places as well.

A musical mix of structure and improvisation harmonized like a
river of sweetness flowing through the venue and connecting

For those too far to clearly see the band, three screens offered an
intimate display of cinematography and visual effects. Inclusive
angles, creative uses of light and dramatic close-ups told the
story in a way the naked eye would have never seen.

“The screens showed the raw emotion that each band member
felt during certain rifts in their songs,” said Jeff
McKeever, a sociology major at CSUF.

The screens engaged everyone, enabling them to share emotions with
the band as they witnessed their facial expressions.

“From Butch’s swaying head to Dave’s screaming,
we could see the band pouring out their hearts and souls on
stage,” McKeever said.

With a chemistry in the band that constantly evokes flawless shows,
Dave Matthews Band is at its best when playing live. The songs
lifted the Home Depot Center to another level when the richness of
the music dominated the undulating crowd.

“When Dave sings, he puts your troubles down,” said
Doug Swinney, a 26-year-old digital media arts graduate from the
venue’s Cal State Dominguez Hills.

“Grace” definitely wasn’t “Gone” when
the band graced fans with older songs they hadn’t played
regularly until this summer’s tour.

They encored Saturday with “Granny” and “Two
Step” and concluded the show so strongly that Matthews
himself applauded the band as they exited the stage.

The energy continued into the next night as DMB gave their fans the
show of a lifetime. The band members let their creative sides shine
and demonstrated a beauty that no CD player could ever

“From the moment the lights went down, our song and dance man
and his band kept the audience captivated with the great
musicianship that lay before us,” Swinney said.

And captivate they did. The band played an exceptional set list
that compiled a mix of new and old songs including “Hello
Again,” “Joy Ride,” “Ants Marching”
and “Song that Jane Likes.”

The highlight of the Sunday show was a 20-minute version of
“Lie in Our Graves” that comprised a solo by each band
member. Boyd Tinsley lifted the crowd to euphoria with his violin
solo that was so breathtaking, only the smile on his face could
have been more moving.

Hordes of fans will make their move to San Francisco Sept. 12 when
DMB will play a free show in Golden Gate Park.

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