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Dear Editor,

I was born and grew up in Iran. I have lived in America for four
years. So it is with that perspective and cultural background that
I am replying to the Aug. 23 op-ed essay by Tommy Purvis.

The question that raises itself to me is: Is it only Iran and the
Middle East where intellectuals and elite groups are subject to
partisan posturing by others, or is it the same story

Is it only politicians, clerics and bureaucrats in that part of the
world who manipulate and abuse power, or does it work the same way
here, in my adopted country?

To me and many other immigrants, what makes the U.S. a great nation
is not military power.

It is the strong beliefs, values and ideologies. It is the justice
system and constitutional law resulting from those beliefs that
strongly support freedom of speech, press and religion.

None of these would matter or exist without the great effort of
open-minded people. And if you think of the unique places that you
can locate and find these noble group of people – academic places –
then you might notice that accusing them of partisan posturing has
been a lame accusation. Rationalism has a universal language.

Farshid Yazdi,
CSUF graduate student

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