Megadeth, Mustaine get aggressive again

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Two years ago, Megadeth founder and lead singer Dave Mustaine
said that the band had broken up.

Now Megadeth has returned with a vengeance with its latest album
The System Has Failed.

System brings back the sounds and aggression that a lot of Megadeth
fans have missed hearing over the last couple of albums. The tracks
“Blackmail the Universe,” “Kick the Chair,”
and “Back in the Day” are the best examples of the
band’s return to form, while tracks like “The
Scorpion” and “My Kingdom” will satisfy those
fans who enjoyed later albums.

Even the album cover, bearing the recognizable symbol/mascot Vic,
is a sign to fans that the Megadeth they had come to know is back
and not going anywhere.

With a lot of music, fans thinking that any band that plays loud,
screams and/or wears black is a metal band.

The System Has Failed, and more importantly Megadeth, shows music
fans what true metal is. The lyrics are socially conscious and the
music is dark and aggressive.

The album is a far cry from Dave Mustaine’s former
band’s last effort, Metallica’s St. Anger, which left
many metal fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

Unfortunately, with music outlets such as MTV playing only
dumb-downed pop music and running shows about people looking
through each other’s bedrooms, this album will not be heard
by those who should hear it.

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