Projekt Revolution ‘breaks the habit’ of typical music festivals

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Linkin Park and friends thrashed their way through Devore,
Calif., on the 2004 Projekt Revolution tour Sept. 4.

The scorching temperatures and dusty atmosphere didn’t stop
fans from arriving at the Hyundai Pavilion early enough to watch
Less Than Jake perform. LTJ’s catchy mix of punk and ska
combined with a high-energy performance kept the crowd on its

LTJ’s lead singer, who only goes by the name Chris, kept
crowd participation up by relating to the fans, complaining about
ticket prices, parking and $10 beers.

After a short break, The Used took the stagein all of their rock
and roll glory. Screamo hero Bert McCracken, with his sinister
smile and dancing out of a J.Lo video, led his band through a
driving set that was at its best during “Blue and
Yellow” the new single “Take It Away.”

At sunset Snoop Dogg’s live band, The Snoopadelics, and his
entourage crowded the stage ­– but no Snoop Dogg.

Over the speakers, Snoop could be heard arguing with the police
about smoking weed on stage.

Snoop settled the argument saying, “If you’re not going
to let me smoke, then I’m gonna get drunk.”

He came out of a large doghouse, adorned in a white Dodgers jersey
with a cup of gin and juice in hand, taunting the cops by
encouraging the crowd to light up. Puffs of smoke clouded the air
as people danced to “Beautiful” and “What’s
My Name.”

Korn took the stage as darkness fell and Jonathan Davis pushed the
fans towards total chaos as people lit giant fires on the lawn and
danced around during “Right Now.”

Giant video screens flashed images of smoke and static as the band
rocked through the hits “Got the Life” and
“Blind” and covers of The Cameo’s “Word
Up” and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

With the moon shining on the frenzied fans, Linkin Park emerged.
Roaming around their machinery and graffiti-covered stage, sounding
better live than on disc, singer Chester Bennington and rapper Mike
Shinoda complemented each other perfectly on the opener
“Lying from You” and “Papercut.”

Guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Phoenix, DJ Mr. Hahn and drummer Rob
Bourdon played their instruments with precision.

During the current single “Breaking the Habit,” Shinoda
played the piano and the band gave new life to the song as the
award-winning anime-inspired video played simultaneously on the
screen. Linkin Park delved right back into the heavier rock when
The Used’s McCracken joined the band on stage for

Taking a note from Korn, Linkin Park had a cover also: Nine Inch
Nails’ “Wish.” They closed out the show with fan
favorite “One Step Closer,” playing the last song with
as much energy as they had played the opener.

With such a massive amount of talent collaborating together to make
an amazing rock show, it’s no wonder that the Projekt
Revolution tour continues to sell out venues year after year.

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