Stalker-razzi film is a shabby snore

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With all the flashing cameras and the need for a scoop, Cole
Hauser in the movie “Paparazzi” finds out that
photojournalists will stop at nothing to get their shot, even if it
means ruining someone’s life.

Hauser plays movie star Bo Laramie, who has just hit it big in
Hollywood with a series of successful action movies. What Bo
doesn’t expect to come with his success is a team of four
photographers who stalk and harass him and his family to the point
where he takes matters into his own hands.

The photographers go as far as taking pictures of Bo’s son
playing soccer in the park, planting cameras in his house, digging
through trash and causing physical harm to his family.

While driving home one night after a movie premiere, the team of
photographers engages in a mediocre but violent car chase after Bo
and his family. The enraged star vows revenge.

“Paparazzi” may be marketed as a serious look at what
celebrities have to endure from photojournalists, but it is far
from a serious movie.

It is a good concept with a bad script, with lines such as,
“Everyone wants to eat steak but no one wants to be the

The characters were not well thought out and Hauser’s
character should have been more established in the beginning of the

With cameos by Vince Vaughn, Mel Gibson, Chris Rock and Matthew
McConaughey, “Paparazzi” is more of a cheesy comedy
than anything else. It cannot be taken seriously because none of
the characters are believable and the script is bad.

If one thing is learned from the movie “Paparazzi” it
is that you don’t have to go to a comedy to laugh a lot at a

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