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Girls like gentlemen

Dear Editor,

When I read Erik Alden’s two-part article, I was floored. Do
men really feel this way? I thought this was only the way guys in
movies, like Swingers, thought. I had to ask around. So guys, from
both a female’s and male’s perspective, this is what I
found out.

Chivalry is not dead. I know it’s a shock, but it’s
true. A girl may take or deny the offer of your jacket based on how
guilty she feels about making you cold, but deep down she still
wants to hear you offer. It makes women feel special, like you
care. Women also like it when guys open doors for them. Granted, we
don’t expect you to run from the other side of the room to do
so, but if you are going in, just hold the door. Not a big deal.
It’s the little things that make girls feel special.

As far as dating rules, I don’t know the girls Erik dated,
but none of the girls I know follow any sort of dating rules. Guys,
stop listening to your buddies, if it’s there it’s
there. No rules. No games. Here is just one story from many:

When I first met my boyfriend I was doing a skit for school. My
hair was disheveled and up, I had no makeup on, and I was wearing
my pjs. We had so much fun talking after class that we went
straight to an on-campus movie. Then the next day he called to see
how my day at work went. That’s right, we broke all the
“rules,” and after a year and a half I say, who cares
about rules?

It all depends on the risks you want to take. If you had a great
time with a girl, do you want to wait and hope that some other guy
doesn’t come along and realize the same thing? Girls are not
stupid. They know when you wait 48 hours that you’re just
playing stupid games, and many are tired of them.

It also depends on what you want: A girl to spend quality time with
or another night of drinking beers with your buddies playing stupid
mind games with girls. I don’t know if any of this advice
will get you to the “Promised Land” but it will get you
a real grown-up relationship. After all, I don’t claim to be
an expert, these are just simply my own observations.

Jennifer Lowry, CSUF student, English

I love my Daily Titan

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to commend the staff at the Daily Titan this semester
for some well-written and researched articles. I read the
Daily Titan everyday and have for the past four years.  Last
semester, reading your paper was very disheartening many times;
quality seemed to be lacking in the coverage and the articles

So, bravo Daily Titan! 

Also, I read the article last week about students who ride their
bikes to campus. I am one of those students as well, and
buying my bike is the best decision and investment I’ve made
in the last year.  I encourage more students to bike to
campus.  I would also like to remind students driving to
campus to remember to watch carefully for pedestrians. Not
a week goes by where I am almost hit because
the driver is not looking both ways, driving too fast, running
red lights, etc.  Students, please remember to be more careful
as you approach campus in your cars.


Kristen Rockwell, CSUF student

The patriot

Dear Editor,

Let me first say that questioning your leaders in a democracy is
never unpatriotic or un-American. Those of us who don’t agree
with the war in Iraq, which was based on faulty evidence, are
speaking out on behalf of the soldiers, not against them.

I challenge Titan columnist Tommy Purvis, and other chicken-hawks
of America, to find a better way to support our troops than by
putting them in harm’s way only when it’s absolutely
necessary. What better way to give them our support than by
bringing them all home safely?

My father is a Vietnam War veteran, and all of my grandparents
served in the armed forces during time of war.

At the risk of attacking Mr. Purvis’ character, and with all
due respect to the families who have been affected by Iraq, I
can’t help but notice that Mr. Purvis hasn’t enlisted
to fight in a war that he seems to equate with freedom.

My father was drafted in 1968, and became an airborne Green Beret.
He left school at Golden West Junior College because his country
asked him to, and when he returned, he was definitely a dove.
Perhaps his protests weren’t as loud or as visible as Sen.
Kerry’s, but many people have asked why 50,000 Americans were
cut down in their prime halfway around the world.

Supporting America’s troops should not mean adopting a
bellicose, pre-emptive foreign policy that misleads the American
people and the Congress.

Supporting America’s troops should mean putting them in
harm’s way only when absolutely necessary, and by fully
giving them the benefits they have earned by fighting for our

For far too long, the right wing has equated the war in Iraq with
the war on terror and a fight for our freedom. Painting the war in
that manner obviously gives them what they think is an effective
weapon against those with dissenting view points. The reality is
that deposing the central government of Saddam Hussein, despotic as
it was, has created an incubator for terrorism where none existed

This election should not be about what happened 30 years ago, for
either candidate. Both Republicans and Democrats need to focus on
issues that are affecting Americans right now, including record
deficits, expiring assault gun bans, reestablishing the civil
liberties and civil rights of all Americans and the rising cost of
education and health care.

Holding your leaders, Republicans or Democrats, accountable for
their actions should never be portrayed as un-American, and I
believe anyone doing so is endangering our democracy, which
hasn’t been all that healthy lately anyway.

Someone has to hold Tommy Purvis accountable for what he says.

Nick Langsdorf, CSUF student, History

Educate yourself

Dear Editor,

In Niyaz Pirani’s op-ed “Don’t know; do
care,” he advised people who vote to make informed decisions
when they cast their ballots.  

However, he does not even know why he is voting for Sen. Kerry, and
not for Bush.  Isn’t this a case of do as I say, not as
I do?  

Voting is a privilege and should be deemed important. If he advises
others to study the issues, then he also should do the same.

As an educated individual, who has so much information to base a
decision, he ought to really care and study the issues deeply.

Moreover, Bush isn’t sending troops abroad to die; rather,
the coalition is working with the Afghans and Iraqis so that they
can forge a democracy and build prosperity and stability.

Remember, the armed forces are voluntary and the coalition is
willing to pay the price to shape a better world.  

This noble vision will take time, just as it has in any nation that
experiences the birth of freedom.  

This century is likely going to be an era of universal liberty.

Chris P. Milord, CSUF student  

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