Classical musicians are the true artists of sound

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Many present-day classical musicians are rich.

Not only do they produce real music, but they are making big bucks
in various ways.

They’re not just confined to performing or teaching the
instrument of their expertise, but they may also have a second
career that helps them with their income. Even though the
statistics of people listening to classical music are lower than
those who listen to pop music, classical music is still rich and
real in its unique way.

When classical musicians take the stage, they’re exposing
themselves to the audiences, without background voices or
additional instruments, such as those created by a recording

In most cases, when they’re performing, they only think of
how to effectively communicate to the audience, rather than how
much money they’re making. Even if they may have rough starts
as classical musicians, their endurance and perserverance will help
them to succeed, as they compete their way up.

Just this past Sunday, CSUF’s well-known piano professor, Mr.
Eduardo Delgado, who is an internationally-acclaimed artist, gave a
recital that benefits the students’ scholarship funds.

He is a unique artist who performs for the love of classical music
and for the love of sharing his knowledge.

During that performance, Professor Delgado provided the audiences
with beautiful and living music. Even though he didn’t make
any money from this concert, or any other concerts he performed in
the past here at CSUF, he is a rich classical artist.

Back in the days of the late 18th century, classical composers such
as Beethoven and Mozart may have had financial ups and downs
(Mozart died poor), but they certainly left us with musical
treasure to remember them by. The Hollywood film industry has
borrowed lots of classical tunes. It uses them regularly as
background music for films.

Toward the end of the 20th century, composers started playing
pieces that broke traditional rules.

Venturing out beyond old norms brings the coolest and the most
creative of ideas.

This alone shows that classical music is indeed real in that even
though the composers may have digressed from what older composers
did in the past, some have consistently stayed true to the
classical roots.

In a way, what you see is what you get when you listen or
experience classical music.

If you have seen the Star Wars Trilogy, you have already
experienced and accepted classical music.

If you have enjoyed 4th of July fireworks shows and all the
marching music, you have also experienced classical music.

Therefore, classical music and musicians are true art and artists
because they don’t need to use additional, fake instruments
and voices to blend with them, like pop music does.

The sounds are self-generated genius.

Classical music is one of the few genres that keeps it real.

Lori Lu is a graduate student majoring in music. Reach her
at:[email protected]

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