“Right-wing” newspaper?

In Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

First and foremost, I would like to express our gratitude in
covering our Get Out the Vote event in the front page of the

There where, however, some items we were displeased with.

I would imagine the front page is dedicated to news, but it seems
that the article entitled “College Democrats Seek
Voters” is an opinion piece with a not-so-cleverly covert
right wing bias.

I can’t help but wonder if the neo-con cheerleader on the
Titan Staff, Tommy Purvis, helped with the article.

On two occasions, the College Democrats are painted as liars.
Example: “the crowd gathered in the Quad could hardly be
described as large, yet the club volunteers estimated that as many
as 50 students registered to vote during the hour long

Ryan Townsend, who covered this story, is implying we lied about
the turn out.

In that same paragraph he goes on to point out that there were
people gathered on the other side of campus for another event.

This information is not pertinent to the rest of the article and is
a flat out lack of respect and prudence by the author for those who
helped at the rally.

Townsend also conveys that the College Democrats excluded the
Republicans. I find this laughable when I, the Chair of the club,
is actually good friends with the chair of the Republicans on

All political clubs were welcomed and in fact, several students
registered as Republicans.

Our main purpose was to get young people voting, regardless of
their desires to vote against their interests.

The second occasion Townsend extends his liberties to call us liars
is through a quote by a member of the Campus Greens.

Before club members, we are friends and classmates with the
students who helped at this event.

The Greens were happy to help us and we support their events. I
find it hard to believe that when asked about helping the College
Democrats, a Campus Green said he was trying to “keep them
honest.” I am fully aware that the Green Party is displeased
with The Democratic Party, but Townsend fails to make the
distinction between the official parties and the CSUF College
Democrats members.

I don’t think Jack Nakama, the green he quoted, finds us as
individuals dishonest, but Townsend allows this to be conveyed.

Apparently the Daily Titan has gotten the memo from the Bush
Administration, make liars out of democrats.

Brenda Gonzalez, CSUF grad student, Chair of the CSUF
College Democrats

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