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Supporting Comm Week, communications students and poets gathered in the Titan Student Union Underground Pub Tuesday night for a two-hour Poetry Slam event. Comm Week’s task force sponsored the event along with Lambda Pi Eta, a communications honor society, and the Orange County Poetry Festival.

The Poetry Slam event invited students from all majors who are interested in expressing themselves, said Peggy Garcia-Bockman, assistant dean of student affairs for the College of Communications.

“Students come to relax and have fun,” she said.

This year is the fourth year Comm Week has organized the Poetry Slam. Last year the event was held at the Off Campus Pub.

“This year we had it here. However we wanted to have it at Off Campus, but they declined to do it,” Bockman said.

Because of last year’s host and MC “crossing the line,” OCP decided not to have the Poetry Slam return this year Bockman added.

A total of nine contestants entered the event, some of which had also competed last year. The first-place winner received $75, second prize garnered $50 and third place was worth $25.

“There are three judges tonight. They are students from different majors and it’s completely subjective,” said David Kilgo, president of Lambda Pi Eta.

The contestants had to perform two poems of their own construction throughout two rounds of presentations. Some poets came prepared with two poems while others jotted down their thoughts as they waited for their names to be called once more.

The event hosts said usually poets perform during a three-minute time limit, but because of last night’s event and the great energy that filled the room, the time limit was waived.

“I judged on creativity and energy. Everyone was great. Sama made me think, Jaimes me laugh and Ashley made me hot,” said Brian Symonds, chair of the Communications Inter-Club Council and a judge at the event. “It was a lot of fun.”

First-place winner Jaimes Palacio, who is a poet and former CSUF student, said the event along with its crowd was great.

“It was more laid back and less formal and there was a lot of energy here tonight. My favorite was Jaimes; he had an uncontrollable amount of energy. It was fun to watch,” contestant Conner Lefler said.

Various poems about a variety of topics were performed; from humorous poems about dead chicken to those about love and war.

“I liked it here in the campus pub. It was a nice venue. It [never]ceases to amaze me the vast distance between people’s thoughts,” said Pam Caldwell, co-adviser of Comm Week’s task force and internship coordinator on campus.

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