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Dear Editor,

I thought that your editorial article about our ASI banquet was interesting and insightful today, May 23, 2005. I am however a little disappointed that you were so cynical during your time with us. I would be glad to sit down and speak with you about how much money we saved our student's by having our recognition banquet at OUR own facility this year and not a lavish golf club like years past. I take student fees and the accuracy of information about them quite seriously. Some of your inaccurate information and assumptions that are "opinion only" might be corrected by speaking with me or reading the past two months of ASI Board meeting's minutes. It is also disconcerting that your reporter has consistently attended ASI meetings this year and has not once sat down with me for questions.

We must not forget that the hundreds of students that we honored (which included ICC's) at our banquet are students that fund your paper and my livelihood. My point is that you and I work with student money and have the responsibility of understanding allocations even in our opinions. Our valuable leadership experiences are because students allowed us to be here. It is appropriate to remind you that wonderful opportunities are accompanied by enormous responsibility.

As journalists I would expect you to be responsible and visit our offices where you will find the transparent and public operations that we subscribe to as a non-profit organization in the state of California. This includes all fiscal records. This information will aid in forming your opinions based on fact and not assumptions. Inaccurate opinions and judgmental attitudes simply add to the apathy at our university. It should be my job to inspire students and yours to inform students of correct information and educated opinion. Is that not why we are in college? It saddens me that you continue to discourage students by displaying uneducated opinions based on factually inaccurate information.

We must never forget the famous saying….."Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk". Based on issues addressed in your opinion, it is my opinion that you have problems with walking the walk. Try to improve next year, if not for me, for the students that allowed you to sound off in the first place. Have a great summer and good luck on finals.


ASI President and CEO

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