The Hong Kong Six Break O.C. Mold

In Music
Kristina Ridenour

Having only played music since 2004, the band, Hong Kong Six would seem to have a lot to learn about playing good music and writing relatable lyrics. But they don’t.

The music is alternative but poppy, with most of the songs being about relationships that have their ups and downs.

The combination of a girl and a guy singing is interesting in that it can be dark but melodic with the synchronization of the voices.

Hong Kong Six consists of six musicians that include two women and four men, and their instruments range from the typical guitar and bass scenario to the unlikely viola and keyboard instruments.

The band hails from Orange County, known in the popular spectrum as the home of bands such as No Doubt.

Although Hong Kong Six is from the same area as No Doubt, it is extremely different in its style of music and influences.

Hong Kong Six’s influences range from The Pixies and The Clash to the ever-popular Nirvana.

Certain songs stand out on the record for their apparent depth of songwriting as well as their sing-along type choruses.

The first song on the album, “Swim with the Sharks,” starts out the album with a catchy chorus that gets you moving, while having a real sensibility to it.

The combination of male and female vocals is highlighted nicely in this song by Darren Geare, who is the main voice on the album, and Alisa Santoro.

The song, “Stop (Looking at me),” has a sad depravity about it that really touches the heartstrings.

The lyrics seem to be reminiscent of an Elliot Smith song with its sad and self deprecating words.

The main difference is the more mainstream and up-tempo feel of the music.

The music and lyrics on the debut album of Hong Kong Six are good and worth listening to, but sometimes that is not enough.

With so many talented local bands in Los Angeles and Orange County, it might be hard for the band to get much of an audience.

Hopefully, a radio station such as Indie 103.1 will take a listen, and change all that.

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