When Confronted by a Green-Eyed Monster, Look Away

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In high school, I had the same crush for four years on a boy who was my version of Gavin Rossdale and Jordan Catalano combined. He was everything I wanted. But being the young, naive dating vixen I was, I never pursued him and instead stood on the sidelines watching other girls go after what I wanted and hating them if and when they got it.

Jealousy: It’s one of the four basic human emotions next to love, lust and hate. Jealousy makes us say, do and think the stupidest things.

It’s simple. We want something or someone and somebody else gets there first.

And instead of being happy for him or her, or just moving on, we hate, we talk shit, we bitch, we mope, we shake our fists at the world because for once we didn’t get what we wanted.

We may be adults, but in the name of love, we all have moments where we act like perpetual 3 year olds.

You’d think that by the time we go to college, we’d get over it. But anytime you hear that a classmate got a cool job offer, recently got engaged or is graduating on time, you feel that little nugget of jealousy etching its way up your back.

A friend of mine recently found out that her ex was possibly seeing someone new. Mind you, she’s over him. She wants nothing to do with him.

But the idea that he’s with someone else while she’s still in the land of singles – let’s just say the green-eyed monster took over for a few minutes and all that came out of her mouth were words that shouldn’t be said in mixed company.

It’s the beauty of life, like getting lost in downtown L.A. or losing your car keys 10 minutes before you have to be at work.

We all have those moments of emotional jealously, and while they’re stupid and we know it, while the people we’re jealous of and the things or people that they have seem important, in the big scheme of things it doesn’t matter.

After recently seeing my old crush again with a fresher perspective and a bit of maturity, I realized something: I was jealous for no good reason, and the person I wanted, well, I didn’t want him anymore.

Some say that we only want something after someone else has it. Maybe. But there will always be a deep-seeded jealously within us.

We hate the girl with the perfect body, the boy with the amazing pecs, the guy with the cool car, the girl with the perfect grades.

They have what we don’t and, instead of being content knowing that no one has everything, we become jealous. We know it’s stupid. We know that in 10 years it won’t matter who was prom queen or who won Battle of the Bands.

It doesn’t matter to us now. But for some reason, when we think back, it’s those moments of jealousy that we’re most ashamed of, like when we made fun of our crush’s new girlfriend because she didn’t know the difference between latitude and attitude.

It’s petty and silly and in four years, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in him. In life we have a million things to be jealous of: wealth, power, beauty.

But some guy you’ve never really had any connection with isn’t worth the thought.

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