When Cheating, Beware of Bad Karma

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Someone is going to have to explain this one to me because I just don’t get it.

Here’s the scenario.You start dating someone but find out he or she is still in a relationship. And yet, you continue to date this person.

When people ask you why you’re seeing someone with a boyfriend or girlfriend you say, “They’re going to break up soon,” or “She doesn’t understand him.” When the “happy couple” eventually does break up – usually because of you – you continue to see the philanderer. Time passes, and you suddenly find out he’s been cheating again – this time, on you – and you respond with, “I didn’t think he’d do that to me.”

Why would we think, even for a moment, that someone who’s willing to cheat on a significant other to be with us won’t do the same dirty deed once we’re in a relationship?

I know my share of people who’ve seen every angle of this situation, from the girlfriend with a cheating boyfriend to the new girlfriend who just found out that Mr. Can’t-Keep-It-In-His-Pants is at it again. And in every situation someone gets hurt – even the cheater when he gets slapped across the face or kneed in the balls. But that’s another story.

For the life of me I’ll never understand people who are willing to be the other woman, and how they can willingly enter a new relationship knowing that they’re not his No. 1 priority. How are you willing to hurt another person, possibly someone you know, for the sake of a temporary fix, or worse yet, break someone’s heart in exchange for your happiness?

I understand that things happen that are unintended. Alcohol and lonely nights far away from a loved one have caused more then a few morning-after regrets. But repeated action with the same person over weeks or months when you know that there is another person is a different story. A friend of mine put it best when she said, “These are the kinds of girls who deserve to be cheated on, the ones who are willing to break up another couple, the ones who don’t care who they hurt in the process. And the ones who actually think it won’t happen to them.” She is right. Due to emotional injuries caused by finding out the person you love is cheating on you and causing a lot of heartache, I have two major problems with cheaters.

One: You wouldn’t need to cheat if you’d just break up with your significant other when you figured out the relationship was floundering. Why stay and cheat and be labeled for the rest of your days when you can simply abandon the ship of this sinking relationship? Start fresh with someone else without guilt coming along for the ride. And two: By cheating, you run the risk of ending up alone. Not everyone is willing to be the other woman. Most people want a new relationship to start off clean, and by bringing in old baggage, the relationship suffers. So the next time you think about going after something new while you’re in the middle of something old, remember: Karma is a bitch and the next heart you break may just be your own.

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