Nice Guys Shouldn’t Finish Last

In Opinion

There is just something about tattoos, 5 o’clock shadows, and devil may care attitudes that get us all hot and bothered. Granted we all know the bad boy isn’t the one we want to bring home to meet the parents, but that’s not going to stop us from bringing them home for some other evening activities.

Ever since “Rebel Without a Cause,” women have had an obsession with the bad boy. He’s the guy with the muscle car or motorcycle. The guy with a smirk instead of a smile and a look that makes you forget even for a second that he’s totally wrong for you.

Every woman at some point or another has her obsession with the bad boy, but unlike the movies most bad boys don’t have that heart of gold that makes them change their “wicked ways” for the love of a good woman. Instead, most bad boys will spend the rest of their days going through good girls like dirty shirts.

Why do women go after something they know they don’t want when they could go after something they do? It seems like every woman is guilty of saying, “I just want a nice guy. Someone who’ll treat me right,” yet all she ever seems to go after is the jerk. The guy who gives off a bad boy image and offers her nothing in terms of a stable relationship.

The problem is by constantly going after the guys who are totally wrong for us we give an image that we don’t want guys who treat us well. The type of guy who hold open doors, pull out chairs and remember our names the next morning.

The nice guy has a bad reputation. People see him as the buddy. They are the guys you call at 3 a.m. when you realize you’ve just made a huge mistake, and the person you call when the bad boy doesn’t return your calls. Those nice guys need some love in their lives too.

While the nice guy may not offer that sense of danger or mystique that makes the bad boy so appealing, he does offer his own sense of adventure.

They are the guys who’ll treat you like you want to be treated. They are the guys who remember your birthday even when you aren’t sleeping with them. They are the guys who offer to pay for dinner for you and your friends because he feels like it.

And unlike the bad boy, the nice guy is willing to change, to try new things and in some ways become a bit of that bad boy you crave so much.

The truth of the matter is that while girls are attracted to the bad boy, in the end we want the nice guy. Someone who is kind, caring, and shows a genuine interest in the person they are seeing. So to all you nice guys out there, stick it out. You’re one of those things every girl wants, she just hasn’t found you yet.

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