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$1.5 billion.

That’s what our government has spent over the past decade on programs aimed at teenagers preaching abstinence.

The results of a $7 million study that conducted a detailed analysis on whether or not those who have been exposed to the pro-abstinence messages absorbed them were released Friday. The result – teenagers are having sex at the same rate they were before. Go figure.

Thankfully the powers that be, in this case our Congress, will decide in a few months whether or not they want to keep throwing good money after bad at this endeavor – in this case to the tune of $87.5 million a year.

Don’t get us wrong. We understand the need to constantly remind impressionable teens to keep it in their pants . pregnancy, STDs, lack of emotional preparedness, etc.

But are pamphlets and testimonials from the Surgeon General really going to counteract the 24/7 inundation they are receiving via MTV, My Space, YouTube and all the other gatekeepers that are preaching a far more salacious – and effective – message to the contrary?

We at the Daily Titan think not, me hearties.

The problem here:the continued implementation of a futile – and costly – strategy to counteract a problem that is caused in part by upbringing, part by nature and part by social forces that have a much more everlasting effect than a program devised by bureaucrats. There’s nothing wrong with abstinence, but the forces that influence one’s decision to have sex or not are in place by the time the first “Keep your legs crossed” pamphlet is passed out in homeroom. We might as well put the $87.5 million towards chastity belts. They might be cheaper, and the result would be the same.

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