Visions of the Future

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They are the Visions and Visionaries.

And this past weekend, Cal State Fullerton paid tribute to four individuals – CSUF alumni – whose achievements and contributions have made them pillars of our community. They are: Lucetta Dunn, Roger Kotch, Steven G. Mihaylo and Albert Wong.

The honor is a rare one and only the elite are meritorious in receiving it. The quartet of successful Titans received their honors by making good with the degrees they worked for at the university, making something of themselves and giving back to the orange and blue establishment.

Think about this: as many of you prepare to graduate and get that real job, you might just be questioning if the training and connections you have made at this university will have sufficiently prepared you to conquer given career path you have chosen.

Now think about this: Dunn, a CSUF graduate is the CEO of the Orange County Business Council. Kotch, a CSUF graduate is the chief financial officer of In-N-Out Burger. Steven G. Mihaylo, a CSUF graduate, is the retired chairman and CEO of Inter-Tel, Inc. Albert Wong, a CSUF graduate, is a retired entrepreneur.

The bottom line is that with vision, the sky is the limit. All of the aforementioned champions got their start on the very same concrete you stand on as you read this – and all ventured out to achieve at high levels. And if you are one of the lucky ones graduating, remember these sentiments as you march to pomp and circumstance in a few weeks.

They are visions. They are visionaries. And they are an inspiration to us all.

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