CSUF video game lets Tuffy race around campus

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Courtsey of Cal State Fullerton’s Video Game Club

Very soon students will be able to ride around the Titan Student Union, in the form of Tuffy the Titan, and race other players; all in video game form that is.

For Cal State Fullerton’s 50th anniversary, the Cal State Fullerton Video Game Club decided to design a game for current and future students to enjoy.

The club was just recently formed this semester, said Grant Paulis, a designer on the project, and its members wanted to contribute something special to the university.

“We got the ideas from the engineered robot elephants that they’ve had on campus,” said Mehmet Akkurt, computer science major and lead programmer of the game.

Even though members of the club say they are extremely busy with other classes, they are pushing to get the game out in the next month for students to play.

The first level should be ready soon, which takes place in the TSU, said Paulis. After that, the club hopes to expand and have other levels include other places on campus for Tuffy and opponents to race around.

“We compare it to a Mario Cart-type game,” said Rusty Scrivens, a computer science major and the other lead programmer of the game.

Players ride in different cars around the TSU and every car represents a different college, said Akkurt.

Paulis said that throughout the game, the players attempt to collect oranges and different departments try to hold you up or help you out.

“For example the art department throws paint on you and at the health department Tuffy can get more health,” Paulis said.

A few art students helped out with the video game by making a model of the TSU for the club to work with.

“They were working on it over the summer. They are very talented,” Paulis said.

The club started working on this game in May, Scrivens said.

“It should be ready by Oct. 15 because we submitted it to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and that’s when the conference takes place.”

Students and nonstudents are encouraged to continue to check on the club’s Web site, csufgc.com, for the game to be available or at their MySpace page, search under Cal State Fullerton video game design club.

The next step the club is working on is to create an installer package for players to be able to download the game.

“It’s not a Web game, it’s much more intense,” Akkurt said.

Even though the game is fun and creative, it is also a real video game and is meant to be taken seriously.

“The game is pretty hard actually, it takes a little while to get used to it,” Akkurt said.

The video game club is busy working to get the game out for students to enjoy, but say they find it difficult to advertise it, since not very many people are aware of the club.

“We just wanted to get a bunch of different majors together and create something awesome,” Akkurt said. “We’re aiming at a good game every semester.”

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