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“A Degree Without Classes,” the Daily Titan article that was published in two parts on Nov. 27 and 28, mistakenly identified Dave Serrano’s Trinity College and University degree as being from the organization headquartered in Malaga, Spain.

The actual school where Serrano earned his degree is now called Bronte International University. It was known as Trinity College and University until 2004. Its campus and headquarters are located in Totula, British Virgin Islands, and it ships documents and degrees from New Orleans.

Serrano lists his degree as being from Trinity College and University on the biography page on the official Cal State Fullerton athletics Web site, fullertontitans.com.

Like the TCU of Spain, BIU is also an online organization that does not require residency or classroom attendance. At its Web site, http://www.biu-edu.org, it insists that it accredits learning, not “life experience,” as TCU does.

Instead, BIU assesses accomplishments and knowledge using a process called Prior Learning Assessment, which assesses knowledge and learning from work and life experiences, and determines if college credit should be given based on that assessment.

A bachelor’s degree costs $695. Degrees can be returned in three days for a refund. There is a course list, but there are apparently no actual courses offered.

The Web site says that the learning that is required in order to be assigned credit for the courses listed is gained from work or other activities.

The assessment process determines whether any courses listed will be credited to the applicant based on his or her current knowledge. Bachelor of Science degrees that can be earned include applied science and technology, business administration and health sciences.

BIU is approved by the International Commission for Higher Education (http://www.ichfe.org), and is accredited by the Association for Online Academic Excellence (aoaex.com).

However, BIU’s Web site states that it has no traditional accreditation. It attributes this to its being an online school with a lack of residency and class attendance requirements.

A Google search for “trinity college and university” brings up the Web site http://www.biu-edu.org/trinity/get_start.html, in which the name Trinity College and University is used.

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