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The article in Thursday’s (Feb. 21) [issue of the Daily Titan, titled “Professors mull over election coverage”] quoting CSUF journalism faculty members bemoaning news coverage of the Democratic presidential primary deserves bemoaning itself.

Never have the media given more space and time to a primary, never have the media covered more aspects of a primary race, from issues to tactics to campaign styles to the surprise of superdelegate importance.

Even though Professor Anthony Fellow acknowledges he is powerfully partisan, for him to cite as a media failure their referring to Clinton as just Hillary allegedly because she is a woman is disingenuous.

Not only do media accounts need to distinguish her from that other Clinton who is involved up to his armpits, but the criticism ignores the fact that she, herself, has changed the use of her name during this campaign (not to mention before).

We in journalism education should not fall into the dark practice of attacking the media because our favorite is losing or because we “know” we could do better.

Mel Opotowsky


Communications Department


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