TITAN EDITORIAL: Campus Insecurity

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Most students wouldn’t dare park at Cal State Fullerton without a permit dangling from the rear view mirror.

And God help anyone who leaves their car in a 30-minute spot for longer than the allotted time.

The students at this school act like frightened children when it comes to parking, well aware of the ever-watchful eyes of the CSUF Parking Officers, ready and waiting with their electronic ticket printers.

It seems odd, then, that nearly every semester, we suffer through a veritable epidemic of car thefts, break-ins and acts of vandalism.

It’s rare that a week goes by that the University Police do not take a report of someone’s car being stolen or vandalized in one of the parking structures.

So why haven’t those same, recently re-accredited, University Police done anything to stop these crimes? Someone at the university has to be responsible, but nobody wants to take action.

The Daily Titan has reported on two crimes within the last two weeks, both of which were acts of theft that happened on campus and were reportedly committed by meth heads.

How hard could it be to outsmart a few drug addicts looking to score their next high?

A trail of vials leading to the University Police station should do just fine.

In December alone, there were seven reported car thefts from campus parking structures.

This is simply unacceptable.

Students should not have to fear a $40 ticket for parking in a faculty parking lot and, at the same time, suffer helplessly when their cars are vandalized in that very same lot.

CSUF does not have to do anything as drastic as George Orwell’s “1984,” but in light of recent “events,” the idea of Big Brother doesn’t seem so bad.

The thought that every CSUF student should be monitored at all times is absurd, but a few security cameras in the parking structures wouldn’t hurt.

It seems the campus has not been in focus with the idea of cameras.

Just the presence of cameras would deter people from committing crimes. They don’t even have to work, the mere illusion of security would be enough, like a police placebo.

We might just have to wait until a few more cars get stolen before we find out. Until then, make sure your club is fastened tightly on the steering wheel.

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