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By Kymberly Snew
Daily Titan Assistant News Editor

Reality Television has been a favorite form of entertainment for 23-year-old Cal State Fullerton alumna Kip Force.

Photo courtesy of Kip Force
Photo courtesy of Kip Force

Although Force never imagined herself appearing in a reality television show, she soon became known as “Blonde Baller,” a character name given to her in VH1’s reality show, “Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle.”

Force is among the 20 women chosen to be in the running for the hearts of Ahmad and Kamal Givens, nicknamed Real and Chance respectively, former “I Love New York” contestants.

The bachelor brothers are back for a second try to find the women of their dreams.

Force hopes to be the lucky one they fall in love with this season.

“You learn how to embrace yourself and take care of yourself,” Force said in regards to being on a reality show.

As contestants, the women were isolated from the world and kept in a mansion with little to do.

No cell phones, music, clocks or any form of entertainment was allowed, so the cat fights began and the competition grew stronger between the women in hopes to win the most dates with the brothers.

“We were cut off from the world during the taping of the show,” Force said. “You have nothing to do all day, so when we get a date we are just so excited to get out of the house for five minutes.”

Force came to Fullerton after graduating from Cathedral High School in Palm Springs to pursue her passion for acting.
This year she got her opportunity to be a part of the entertainment industry.

She was asked if she wanted to appear in a reality show by the casting director of “Real Chance of Love 2.”

Having watched past VH1 reality shows, “you never think you can be one of the girls on the show,” Force said. “In the first season of ‘Real Chance of Love,’ I thought the girls were nuts and the boys were rude.”

Force took the opportunity as a learning experience and did not mind being treated like a celebrity while getting paid to live in a house with many women, some of whom eventually becoming her good friends after the taping.

As the women compete for their chance to be Ms. Right, the various challenges they are asked to take part in determine who wins dates with the brothers.

From booty-shaking contests where the women had to make their own music video, to being taught by professional wrestlers and competing in wrestling matches, the women did whatever it took to be the winner to spend quality time with Real or Chance.

As a “Chance” girl, Force got her chance to go on a date to a “pretend” prom.

Among some of the competitions the women faced-off in, Force and the others had to give a door-to-door pitch selling their personalities to the brothers in the Ding Dong Challenge.

“I won a date for missing my graduation at CSUF,” Force said. “The girls on the show gave me crap for missing my own graduation.”

Force said she did not mind missing standing out in the heat while the list of graduates was read aloud.

Force was a psychology major with a minor in criminal justice.

Week after week, fewer and fewer chains are given to the ladies who the brothers want to stay on the show.

Through all the fights, challenges and dates that are aired, the women are constantly learning something new about the brothers that could potentially make or break their chance for real love.

Force reminds reality TV show fans to not be fooled by the word “reality” that tags the genre.

A lot of editing goes into the process.

The 42-minute show excludes full conversations.

“You do not realize the things you say, and the way they edit it, could make you look pretty bad,” Force said. “Editing makes your character on the show.”

Force concluded, the show “is reality with a lot of manipulation to it.”

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    She Did kind Of Go A Little Overboard Talkin Bout Da Other Girls.
    WATEVER I Support her 100%.

  • Blonde Baller, if you are still lookin for love HOLLA ATCHA BOY!!!!!

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