Drive-by wankers

In Opinion

By Beatriz Fernandez

Daily Titan Staff Writer

We all know that masturbation is a pretty common practice amongst college students.

Many doctors believe that it is healthy and there are many benefits, such as stress relief.

It seems that sexual gratification plays an important role in many peoples’ lives, but I was not prepared for what I witnessed.

Before I went to Italy in July, I was told to be careful with Italian men. It seemed the consensus was that most Italian men are too upfront and persistent.

I wasn’t worried; I have a way of giving the look of disapproval that will leave such guys confused as to why their sweaty, rub-up-on-you technique didn’t work.

Sorry, making eye contact with someone doesn’t mean you want to make out and go back to their place.

After a month, I got pretty good at shooting “the look,” but nothing could prepare me for that one night in Sorrento.

After a night out, I decided to walk back up a hill to our hotel with a couple of friends.

We didn’t have that much money and didn’t want to spend it on a cab. We soon realized our mistake. Many drivers would honk or yell something at us.

Some drivers would slow down and look at us, but we just kept walking.

Then the man who wanted to differentiate himself from the others came.

We could see his headlights slowly creeping up behind us. We were almost to the hotel, so I figured it didn’t matter what he did.

A girl behind me screamed, “Oh my God!” I turned around to see what looked like an up-and-down motion of the man’s fist. After getting a good look, which was a big mistake, I saw that there was something inside his fist – his penis.

I was surprised to see something like that and before I had time to react, he was gone.

Everyone thought it was funny, so it didn’t bother me much.

I figured we were walking in a shady part of town late at night, so it was kind of our fault.

A month and a half later, Italy was just a memory. I was driving home from school and was in my own little world listening to music that was putting me in a good mood. Life was awesome.

Then, up comes a matte black Nissan pickup truck to my left.

The man driving it kept going at the same speed as I.

From the corner of my eye, I could see stuff moving around in his car. Being ever so curious, I turned to look.

I saw a man with a camouflage cap and sunglasses on.

He had his mouth open and was looking at me. He pointed at his junk and there it was, staring me down.

It’s bad enough that he’s doing it on his own, but doing it while looking at a girl that’s driving? Pathetic.

I figured he wanted to get a reaction from me, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction.

Instead, I pulled my camera out and started taking pictures.

What started off as him following me, ended with me taking his picture and scaring him away.

I got his face and license plate number and called Highway Patrol to report him.

I don’t know if they found him, but the surprised look on his face was enough for me.

I made him my victim.

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