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By Lauren Felechner
Daily Titan Staff Writer

OC Pole Fitness owner Collette Kakuk teaches pole dancing to women of all backgrounds. The studio also teaches yoga, aerial hoop and aerial tissu, as shown above. Photo by Jeff Lambert.
OC Pole Fitness owner Collette Kakuk teaches pole dancing to women of all backgrounds. The studio also teaches yoga, aerial hoop and aerial tissu, as shown above. Photo by Jeff Lambert.
Most would associate six-inch stripper heels, 20-foot aluminum poles and thumping music with, well, a strip club. However, the ladies wrapped around these poles belong to OC Pole Fitness.

Offering an array of alternative fitness classes, OC Pole Fitness has locations in both Huntington Beach and Aliso Viejo.

OC Pole Fitness is one of the world’s leading studios, according to its owner and one of the instructors, Collette Kakuk.

The classes range from beginner’s pole dance to aerial hoop and tissue.

“You can’t have a good woman without a proper balance of body and mind,” Kakuk said.

And this is why her studio takes on the “unapologetically sexy” attitude that promotes fitness and sensuality.

Her original inspiration to open up her studios was the Chinese acrobatic show at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

She viewed the show as an art form and a different form of fitness.

Owning a gym at the time, she said she deemed it as a sort of environment that was too “neanderthal” for women.

Pole dancing differs from the usual weightlifting routines with its efficiency in working the body as a whole.

It consists of using full control of the body while engaging, isolating and working around the apparatus.

It requires strength and flexibility training, and women will often see changes in their bodies within three weeks.

“It’s truly one of the most comprehensive forms of exercise,” Kakuk said.

Kakuk’s studio attracts all sorts of clientele: teens and adults ranging from 18 to 74 in age, working women, empty-nesters, widows, stay-at-home moms, married and divorced women. Less than 1 percent of her students have ever touched a pole before coming to her class, Kakuk said.

Carrie Andrews, 48, a stay-at-home married mother from Irvine, has tried her hand at pole-dancing classes.

“Now that my kids are all grown up, and I rarely get to see them with their busy schedules, I wanted to broaden my horizons and try something new to fill my days,” Andrews said.

The class sparked something in Andrews’ spirit that made her feel young and sexy again. It even inspired her to invest in a stripper pole to be installed in her bedroom.

“I just hope my neighbors don’t see me spinning around my pole in the middle of the afternoon,” Andrews said while laughing.

Newport Beach massage therapist Lindsay Fletcher, 25, was taken to the pole-dancing class by her younger sister as a surprise birthday gift.

“I’m more reserved than my sister is, but I love trying new things,” Fletcher said. “It really brings out this new sexy confident feeling in you just after an hour and a half.”

Fletcher explained she would normally have been embarrassed to dance so sensually in front of other people because she doesn’t think of herself as “sexy,” but the supportive and open-minded environment allowed her to look past her inhibitions.

Not only do these newer forms of exercise benefit a woman physically, but there are profound changes in Kakuk’s students mentally as well as emotionally.

“The change comes from these women deep within. It’s this confidence, this energy and a light that just starts to surround that woman,” Kakuk said.

Although some people will never understand the sport behind pole-dancing and the training it requires, this hasn’t stopped Kakuk’s business from booming.

“Our goal is to provide a good workout, add something new to your bag of tricks, bring out a confident feeling, engage the sensual spirit, also while achieving fitness,” Kakuk said.

Instead of that new laptop or that really cute Coach bag for a birthday gift, surprise those close to you with a private pole-dancing party at the studio that will enlighten their body and mind by bringing out their inner stripper.

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