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fifa 10By Adan Vasquez
Daily Titan Sports Editor

Gamers have been enjoying EA Sports’ 2010 versions of Madden NFL, NBA Live, NCAA Football, and NHL for a good time now.

As of Oct. 20, it’s been FIFA Soccer 10’s turn in the spotlight.

With state-of-the-art graphics and the best on-the-pitch soccer of all FIFA games before it, if anyone thought 2009’s version of FIFA was unreal, then wait until you pop this bad boy into your gaming console. It’s practically a guarantee that this game will not disappoint in comparison to any other sports game out there right now.

What FIFA did with this year’s release was to take what all soccer (or football if you are from anywhere besides the U.S.) lovers worldwide were raving about, and simply bump it up a notch.

Everything from passing, to crosses, to tackling and mind-blowing saves and shots on goal put together is incredible. Just when you think a game cannot get better, you’re proven wrong. But that’s a good thing.

The game play is as real as it gets. Scoring comes at a premium, and knowing when and how to attack is most often the key. FIFA does a brilliant job of putting the gamer right into the action with authentic stadiums and crowd chants.

Pitting Mexico’s fiercest rivals against one another, Guadalajara’s Chivas and Mexico City’s Club America, is always a joy. No matter which city you hold the match in, there is always the familiar chants and the commentators dig into a little tidbit of the history between the two clubs.

Imagine putting Manchester United and Liverpool on the same field. Or how about Brazil versus Germany? Or one of our favorites, Mexico and the United States? It’s all too awesome.

It’s really hard to imagine much complaint for this game because it truly does do its job and provides what gamers have come to expect not just from FIFA, but from a soccer match.

With this new release, EA Sports has raised the bar for the FIFA franchise. As for the next in the series, one thing is for certain, expect another big time game from EA Sports.

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