The Walk-Off: Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is in desperate need of a hug

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By Brian Whitehead
Daily Titan Sports Columnist

Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford needs a hug. Like, a big bear hug. I’m talking an emotional “Friends” series finale kind of hug.

Seriously, after this forgettable season, the man is going to need some love. I mean, Tom Powers and Tony Montana didn’t experience such grueling, depressing downfalls. And they both died.

This past summer Bradford chose to return to Oklahoma for his junior year, opting to forgo the 2009 NFL draft. As the projected number one pick, you certainly can’t blame the reigning Heisman trophy winner for putting off the NFL. Remember, the 0-16 Detroit Lions had the number one pick.

Yes, you probably would’ve stayed in college another year too.

Like every other highly-regarded pro prospect that turned down the NFL for another year of college, Bradford risked potential injury in hopes of lifting the Glass Football come January. It wasn’t the first time a decorated college quarterback spurned professional football to return to school for one more year. Chris Weinke, Matt Leinart, Jason White and Tim Tebow did it, as well as many others.

What Bradford did, though baffling, wasn’t necessarily uncommon. All he needed to do was not get injured. Well, he did. In about 0.43 seconds on Sept. 5.

The opening week of the college football season saw No. 20 BYU challenge No. 3 Oklahoma in a matchup of two championship caliber teams. The Sooners, fresh off a disappointing 24-14 loss to Florida in the BCS National Championship game, pounced on the Cougars early, courtesy of a well-oiled offense led by their All-American quarterback.

Bradford (10-14, 96 yards, 1 TD) and the Sooners had clearly found their mid-season form. Then, the unpredictable happened. An unaccounted-for BYU linebacker armed with bad intentions got a free release through the Oklahoma offensive line.

Remember in “Major League” when Jake Taylor called his shot (with two outs and Willie Mays Hays on second) in the bottom of the 9th against the Yankees, then laid down the perfect bunt just as everything shifted to slow motion? Remember the suspense? The tension? Well, when that opportunistic BYU linebacker tombstoned Bradford’s right shoulder into the earth I can only imagine that’s how every Oklahoma Sooners fan felt. Like everything was moving in slow motion. Painstakingly slow motion.

Ultimately, Jake Taylor ran out the bunt and Sam Bradford walked off under his own power, but neither has been the same since.

Since Bradford went down in week one, the Sooners season has been anything but consistent. They fell from No. 3 to No. 13 after losing to BYU, then crept back up to No. 8 after two consecutive wins, then fell from No. 8 to No. 21 after losing to Miami (FL).

Their most recent loss, against No. 3 Texas on October 16, was the proverbial nail in their ’09 season’s coffin. If Oklahoma’s national championship hopes disintegrated after their 14-13 loss to BYU, then their losses to Miami and Texas blew them into oblivion.

In hindsight, Bradford’s triumphant return has been anything but. As a matter of fact, I’d venture to say John Rocker’s return to New York would generate a better outcome than Bradford’s return to Oklahoma. How could this of happened?

I have a theory.

I believe Bradford’s fate was predestined the night he hoisted the Heisman trophy, because you know who was in the room that December, not lifting a Heisman?

Timothy Richard Tebow.

Just to be crystal clear, Tim Tebow and The Big Man Upstairs are close. Like Peter Klaven-Sydney Fife close. They’re pals. Homies. Facebook friends. Compadres. They’ve had each other’s back since the get-go. Tebow spreads the good word and does all the charitable stuff here on earth, and The Big Man handles everything on the gridiron come Saturday.

After two national championships (2006, 2008) and one Heisman (2007), it’s safe to say the Tebow/Big Man tag team has been the football equivalent of the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection. Simply unstoppable. Well, until a little-known sophomore by the name of Sam Bradford came along.

The 2008 college football season saw a plethora of quarterbacks put up Drew Brees numbers with dreams of claiming the Heisman trophy (Tebow, Bradford, Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, Mark Sanchez.) The most prolific of the bunch, Bradford went into New York as the prohibitive favorite to win the coveted trophy.

And he did.

With almost 4,500 yards and 48 TDs (both school records) it’s hard to argue the Sooner QB with the rocket arm wasn’t deserving of the hardware.

That is, if you’re not He.

Since winning the Heisman, Bradford has lost the BCS Championship game (to Tebow) and injured his moneymaker (not once, but twice.) Coincidence? I think not.

Yes, I said it. God has a Sam Bradford voodoo doll in his back pocket and has been puncturing that damn doll with jackhammers since last December.

In all seriousness, Sam Bradford needs a hug. Like, a big bear hug. For his sake, I’ll be standing right here. Arms wide open. You can’t put a price tag on that, can you?

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  • Michelle

    “BYU linebacker armed with bad intentions”? Are you serious? If you read any review on the game or just the tackle in general everyone says it was a clean tackle. The linebacker was doing what he’s supposed to do, tackle the Quarterback. Did he have bad intentions? No. Unless you think that sacking the quarterback in general is considered bad intentions. In hopes that you don’t think sacking the quarterback is considered bad intentions, then you would realize that all the linebacker did was what he was supposed to do. Unfortunately for Sam Bradford he landed wrong. It was a clean hit, neither the linebacker or Sam Bradford did anything wrong. Sadly, Sam landed on his shoulder. I feel bad for Sam Bradford. I feel bad for any football player that gets seriously hurt, but it is a contact sport. Players get hurt all the time – and not just because they get hit by a linebacker with bad intentions. Does Sam Bradford need a hug? Yes, he deserves several. But, that hug shouldn’t come at the expense of blaming his injury on the linebacker.

  • Big Game

    the Linebacker? are you serious? why dont you do smoe research and give the readers the name of the linebacker? I am left wondering who layed the wood on Bradford.
    fyi- for the next people that red this. he was sacked by colby clawson of byu

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