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By Shruti Patel
Daily Titan Photo Editor

The new album ForPlay, released by Saint Motel in September, seems to be as unique to the band members as it is to their audiences. Though they have been described as an indie rock band, the band itself refuses to be placed within a certain genre like so many up-and-coming bands today. Their compilation of songs on their album reminds me a little bit of the Beatles from the prime of their career to today’s Shiny Toy Guns.

The four-person band, which is made up of the front man A/J Jackson, bassist Dak, guitarist A Sharp and drummer Greg Erwin, all started out together in film school and afterward came together to form the band. Upon releasing this album, they also had a month-long residency at the club Spaceland in Los Angeles.

Because the six tracks on their debut album are so different, they each have their own sound and vibe. One of my favorite tracks is “Dear Dictator” which starts off slow then speeds up and has a touch of Shiny Toy Guns to it. The song makes you want to simply dance along to the music and be part of the band’s performance. After only hearing this song a few times, I can almost sing along to the entire track and that is not such an easy task with so many up and coming songs nowadays.

“To My Enemies” is more upbeat with an ’80s punk rock feel to it. It makes me want to grab my air guitar and rock out, totally kicking A Sharp off of the stage and having a go at the song.

Though their CD was a bit on the short side, the entertaining songs which were on it make it easy to listen to over and over again. Though they may think that they do not fall into a certain genre, I am sure that sooner or later they will come to a consensus of just what type of audience they are aiming to please. This band seems to have a lot of great chemistry, which shows in their music and lyrics. Also for all of their CSUF fans, they will be playing on campus on November 18. But for now, I’m sure that audiences will be able to find something they enjoy about this group.

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