Clubs, organizations promoted in quad for spring Discoverfest

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Students wander CSUF's quad as they seek out clubs and organizations to join. Photo by Christa Connelly/Daily Titan Photo Editor

Cal State Fullerton’s spring 2010 Discoverfest was held over a two-day span in the central quad Feb. 3-4, with over 180 clubs and organizations showcased.

Co-sponsored by New Student Programs and Student Life, Discoverfest was a way to encourage students to become more involved in campus life and was organized to be a part of Titan Weeks of Welcome (WOW).

Discoverfest was an arrangement of tables, booths and tents representing these clubs and organizations amongst students, faculty and staff. The tents and booths included many of the on-campus clubs, Greek organizations and sports teams, among others, all ready to provide students with information.

Titan Radio provided music for the event as students mingled in the quad from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Booths were personalized with the name of the organization, fliers and some kind of memorabilia to represent what the organization was about.

While some club members handed out treats and candy, others played their own music, sponsored a bake sale and even dressed up in costume.

Sheila Del Cid was one of the many students who were intrigued by how many choices there were within Discoverfest.

“I was heading to class when I came across the quad,” Del Cid said. “The lady at the Women’s Center table was very informative and knowledgeable. They have so much to offer.”

CSUF Rugby player Ian Forner and fellow teammates represented the men’s and women’s team at Discoverfest this semester, where they shared insight and history into their club with students.

“(Discoverfest is) our biggest recruiting tool. It’s a chance for us to find new players and to get our word out about the program,” said Forner.

Near the Titan Radio tent was the Discoverfest headquarters. At headquarters, water, information and directions, along with handouts about their own programs and services, were provided to students.

Jolene Hill, graduate program assistant to the New Student Programs at CSUF, was excited to see how many students were participating in the event. Hill said she knows the importance of becoming associated with fellow students, and was thrilled to see all of the participation.

“The purpose is to get all of our students involved. That is one of our missions at the offices at New Student Programs,” Hill said. “To get them involved, engaged and plugged in, while seeing what all the programs have to offer and just have a lot of fun doing so.”

Student Life Programs houses the Student Organization and Resource Center (SORC). Located in the Titan Student Union, the SORC is where those who want more information on standing clubs, services and organizations can find information.

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