Global warming is still here, sorry politicians

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The threat of global warming, as it is now, has developed into a worldwide panic. However, global warming has fallen under a heap of scrutiny from dozens of critics questioning its existence. The reason behind the skepticism is the recent freezing weather and frequent snowstorms in places like Washington D.C.

According to Seth Bornstein, a science writer for the Associated Press, on Feb. 12, snow fell on the United States in 49 of the 50 states. The Eastern seaboard had so much snow that John Stewart from the Daily Show cleverly called the phenomenon an “Unusually Large Snowstorm” to poke fun of the ridiculous names – such as “snowpocalypse” – that the news is using.

One of the consequences of global warming is an increase in temperature and the polar ice caps melting, both of which will cause future global devastation. Another repercussion is intense precipitation as well as frequent, strong tropical storms. One of the key components of this phenomenon is the out of control fluctuation of temperatures.

Photo Courtesy MCT. The White House on Feb. 10, 2010, just days after one of the biggest storms in history dropped more than 20 inches of snow.

But despite the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting global warming, many have joined the skeptics in denying it.

“Could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?” asked Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe on CSPAN. “I believe it is,” he continued.

The idea to question the existence of global warming is absurd and only delays the effort being made to become environmentally friendly.

While snow was pounding the U.S. and heavy rainstorms continue to fall on Southern California, many fail to recognize the shortage of snow in places where it is usually abundant.

Vancouver was plagued by a lackluster amount of snowfall, halting some of the events that were scheduled for the Olympic games.

“Portland, Maine, where snow is usually a given, had to cancel its winter festival for lack of the stuff,” Bornstein said.

The fact that there is record snowfall in a certain part of the world does not automatically discredit global warming. In fact, snowfall in places like Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and the lack of it in Canada bestows global warming with even stronger data supporting it.

“It is the most severe winter storms in years, which would seem to contradict Al Gore’s hysterical global warming theories,” said Sean Hannity, contributor to FOX News. Hannity also said that he does not believe in global warming because “it snowed in Houston” a few months ago.

The Weather Channel has Houston’s average temperature in January as 54 degrees; 22 degrees above the freezing point. Snow should be a rarity this time of the year and the fact that is present in Houston should not be praised as the defining end of global warming.

It is rudimentary to know that snow is a form of precipitation, and a great deal of snow seems to be a great deal of precipitation.

Hannity falls short of making the simple connection and realizing the effects of global warming are at work.

Conspiracies against global warming are becoming very popular and more prominent people are jumping on the bandwagon.

“(Global warming) is a money-making deal for Al Gore and some of his environmentalist friends,” asserted former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

But even as the conspiracies continue to pile on, none sound more ludicrous than the one made by Laura Ingraham on Fox News Channel.

“(Global warming) is about a concerted global effort to reduce the standard of living of all Americans,” Ingraham said. “Bring us down so the rest of these countries can float up. And that’s what this is about.”

“Nice try world. Pretty clever. Let me tell you something world, these colors don’t run. And if they do need to go somewhere, we take the (Chevrolet) Tahoe,” mockingly added John Stewart, host of the Daily Show.

So global warming is an international ploy to lower the standard of living in America so the rest of the world can pull alongside us?

Drawing these conclusions from global warming has to be infuriating, especially since it is coming from seemingly viable news sources that are broadcasted to millions nationwide.

The indication of global warming is a real danger to the world, and it is disheartening to see that several inches of snow can the change the perception of many, and satisfy those already in denial about such an overwhelming danger that impacts so many.

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  • While it’s true weather does not equal climate, that hasn’t stopped people who believe in Global Warming/Climate Change from citing warm weather in the past as an example. You yourself are using an unseasonably warm winter in Vancouver as an example of climate change, so suddenly, people can’t use an unseasonably cold one?

    As for Al Gore, he’s a millionaire, who’s heavily invested in green technology and stands to profit. Sure he might be doing this because he genuinely cares, but….it’ll also make him much richer.

    And the recent rise in skeptics isn’t solely due to the cold weather, but due to the leaked documents that showed how scientists from the University of East Anglia and Penn State (who both do research for the IPCC) have been deleting information, and suppressing information from going public.

    Added to the fact that the IPCC has recently (as in just this month) retracted several previous claims of Global Warming doom, and suddenly something seems fishy.

    But it’s not like I expected much thought put into a Daily Titan op-ed.

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