Talent show held by Christian-based club

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The winner of Sunday's Best, Charmaine Crutchfield, juior dance major. Photo by Ashley Luu/Daily Titan Staff Writer

Video by Marlene Perez/For the Daily Titan

Sunday’s Best, a gospel talent show hosted by the Divine Servants, was filled with singing, praise dancing, poetry and spoken word at the Titan Student Union Thursday, March 11.

“BET had a talent show called ‘Sunday’s Best’ that was looking for the next big gospel singer. So we thought that would be a great title to put on,” said Chauntel Riser, president of the Divine Servants, a Christian-based club.

The event focused on celebrating God and gospel music, Riser said.

“There’s a lot of Christian students on campus that really haven’t had an opportunity to express themselves in an artistic way and a way where we can come together and appreciate God,” Riser added.

Riser and her co-host, Max Barnes, liberal studies major, kicked off the night with Bible trivia that included questions like:

“How many books of the Bible are named after women?”

“In the Bible, who did the sun and the moon stand for?”

Sociology major Charity White, a crowd pleaser, performed a spoken word with conviction, without having to use a microphone.

“I discovered that champions are not birthed or made. They are born again. I may not get the ribbon but I wear the crown. I may not be on the number one team but he says I’m chosen. I may fall down a million times but I know how to get back up over and over again because I was born again to win,” White said.

First place went to Charmaine Crutchfield, dance major, who performed a unique praise dance to display her technical skills and versatility.

The performers consisted of friends and students.

“They (Christian performers and supporters) heard their friends of friends were in the club and wanted to come out and support,” Communications Officer Jessica Norwood said.

To end the festivities, performers and audience members held hands, closed their eyes and prayed for ailing friends and family members to get better and for God to allow them to work on their time management.

Kristiana Hardy, junior, said that she came to show support because it is important that people have a voice by performing on stage.

“It’s a good encouragement for other cultures and religions to have events like this,” Hardy, 21, said.

Sunday’s Best is the first gospel talent show hosted by the Divine Servants.

“We just wanted to try something more spiritual and see how well that works for kids here,” Norwood said.

The Divine Servants hold Bible study every Wednesday from 6 – 7 p.m. and a church service is held at Cal State Fullerton every Sunday.

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