Gospel event aims to teach students spirituality

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Pastor Frank Jackson from Christ Our Redeemer, hosted a workshop entitled 'Balancing Your Time with Your Spiritual Journey Amidst the Storm.' Photo By Allie Moiser/Daily Titan Staff Writer

Divine Servants, a Cal State Fullerton Christian club, held a Gospel Conference entitled “Resisting the Storm, Don’t Bend with the Wind” at the Titan Student Theater on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The conference consisted of various performances, including praise dances, spoken word, gospel choirs and four workshops. The keynote speaker was Elder Dennis McCray from Greater Fountain of Life Church of God in Christ, whose message to attendees was to bring your best effort to everything you do.

Chauntel Riser, president and founder of Divine Servants, said the theme for the conference was to address the concerns that college students may have when dealing with their spiritual walk with God.

“We were trying to reach college students and find out what they’re dealing with and help them find a solution to those struggles,” Riser said.

The conference began with a welcome from the Divine Servants followed by a prayer from Elder Artel Cato from New Direction Community Greater Fountain of Life Church of God in Christ. After the prayer, attendees were treated to several performances, finished off by an offering.

A workshop titled “Leading by Example Amidst the Storm,” led by Cato, taught students to give thanks and appreciate what they have even when things aren’t going well. Cato told attendees that whenever they’re going through a storm, they have to understand what’s going on in the background.

“If you focus on the negative, it’s going to discourage you,” Cato said. “Realize that you will come out stronger in the end.”

Another workshop titled “Balancing Your Time with Your Spiritual Journey Amidst the Storm,” led by Pastor Frank Jackson from Christ Our Redeemer, taught attendees the importance of time management. Jackson said that bad time management leads to consequences.

“The decision we make is the direction that we take,” Jackson said. “One bad decision will interrupt your journey.”

Jackson said that in order to move forward with your journey, you need to be honest with yourself and cut things out that are eating up your time. Jackson used his own life example to show attendees the importance of prioritizing. Jackson said that when he was in college, he got caught up in his new-found freedom and it affected his grades.

“The difference between college and high school is that you are now responsible for your own self,” Jackson said. “Know what you want to do in life because it affects your journey.”

Jackson reminded students that no matter the struggles they go through or the debt they get into while getting through school, they can always overcome it.

“Your journey might be delayed, but you will get through,” Jackson said. “It just takes discipline.”

After the workshops, attendees were led back to the Titan theater, where awards were given to Divine Servants members, recognizing their hard work and service to the club. An a capella choir, called Adoration, performed two songs. Their last song was energetic and got some audiences members standing and clapping along.

Riser said the overall goal for the event was to have people learn about God and find a spiritual connection.

“I know that some people are looking for God, so this is my way of saying here he is, you can come to him.” Riser said.

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