Multimedia Story: Neo-Nazis draw a crowd of counter-protesters

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In commemoration of Adolph Hitler’s birthday, Neo-Nazis preached to a group of hostile counter-protesters in front of City Hall Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Map of the events that occurred at the NSM rally in Los Angeles on April 17

View National Socialist Movement rally in Los Angeles 4/17/10 in a larger map

Considered “the most dangerous domestic threat in the United States” by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Socialist Movement, a Neo-Nazi organization, is anything but peaceful. They advocate the elimination of all American minorities, including those of African, Mexican, and Asian descent, homosexuals, disabled people and more. Violence is common, and there have been at least nine murders by NSM members since President Obama’s election, according to the video “White Power U.S.A.” by Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen.

National Socialist Movement members glare at protesters with hopes of intimidating. Photo by Nick Marley Daily Titan Photo Editor.

The goal of the Los Angeles rally was to “battle illegal immigration,” said Charles Wilson, public relations specialist for the NSM. “Last time I checked, if you do something illegal, you go to jail … we’re here to say enough is enough.”

Counter-protesters arrived around 10 a.m. at First and Spring Street. Participating groups included the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets and the anti-NSM group, No Nazis in L.A.

The demonstration started somewhat peacefully. Three hundred members of the LAPD kept watch as demonstrators carried signs, chanted, played musical instruments and marched.

Chants such as “Stop the Nazis and the K.K.K. The working class is here to stay!” were screamed by hundreds.

Peace soon turned to violence when two white supremacists wandered into the counter-protest area. One man, donning racist tattoos, was beaten until police escorted him to safety. Blood could be seen on the back of his neck. Another man, carrying a sign displaying a swastika, was pummeled to the ground by angry attackers who beat him with their signs.

No serious injuries were reported and a total of five arrests were made.

Counter-protesters were also angry with the LAPD, arguing that tax dollars shouldn’t be used to fund such a racist demonstration.

Estella Ayala, member of La Raz Unida, said, “I know that the government will say they have the right to assemble, but the government… needs to be sensitive to the minorities that make up this city.”

Around 50 Nazis arrived at 10 in front of City Hall. With LAPD standing between them and the counter-protesters, they were safe to rally.

Dressed completely in black and waving Nazi flags, the NSM saluted Hitler and proudly displayed their swastika patches. They harassed and bullied the protesters, threatening to “make lunch meat” out of them and tearing up the Mexican flag.

“Go back to Mexico! This country was founded by white men, and was destined to be white,” preached Commander in Chief Jeff Schoep.

Counter-protester is arrested after the NSM leave Los Angeles City Hall. Photo by Nick Marley Daily Titan Photo Editor.

The counter-protesters were screaming at the Nazis in fits of hatred. The NSM spoke for a little over an hour after which they were escorted to a private parking lot. Counter-protesters followed but were cut off by police. That didn’t stop them from hurling rocks, bottles, trash, and even a metal wrench at the Nazis’ vehicles. When one of the windows was shattered by a rock, the crowd cheered with victory.

NSM members gather in front of L.A. city hall where they deliver speeches regarding imigration. Photo by Nick Marley Daily Titan Photo Editor.

Though the NSM claims that their numbers are growing every day, the difference between the number of Nazis and counter-protesters showed evidence of a lack of support.

There were only 50 NSM members present, while over 500 people showed up to protest against them.

John Efferson, a photovoltaic installer from LA, went to the protest to demonstrate his hatred of racism.

“Would they still be talking trash if they didn’t have police protection? Probably not, because they know what would happen,” he said. “You say something racist, and you’ve got to pay for it. That’s how we are in LA.”

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  • McBears

    As an American I am proud that we defeated Nazism in WW2 however, blaming law enforcement for this situation as the author seems to be doing is a sad reminder of the confusion and frustration that events like this cause, which is seen as a victory for organizers of events like this. Nothing can be complete truth than to say we are doing our jobs and nothing more. Holding a counter demonstration is the right thing to do, hurling objects and obscenities at the police, which seems to be common at these things will only fortify police opinions that they to are a hate group (referring to the LAPD police forum blogs of this event) and when confronting the police with violence I can say we will defend ourselves and we will have the law and the will of the American people behind us.

  • Nationalist

    Does anyone know if NSM mentioned anything about
    the Plaasmoorde in South Africa? This is the genocide
    being committed against the remaining whites by the Black
    ANC government for those who are not aware. NSM had
    the opportunity to raise awareness of the media
    cover-up. Did they blow it? In the meantime, thousands
    continue to get slaughtered.

  • unknown

    Yes, the NSM had a moment of silence for those killed in S.A.

  • Nationalist


    Thanks. This was to be one of the “litmus”
    tests to determine if these guys are real
    or phony.

    NSM seems to be executing poorly. With such an
    articulate leader it would seem to be a sham.
    Perhaps Hollywood’s response to the recent
    Hungarian elections. But if they mentioned SA
    we would have to back-peddle on that hypothesis.

  • JRH

    @McBears: I don’t think this article portrayed law enforcement in any negative light, the only impression I got was that they were non-biased and doing their best to keep both sides in order. Only the final quote by John Efferson might have implied that, but he was a protester whose quote was only added to show how emotionally heated the people who attended the rally were.

  • JM

    @McBears: Sorry you are just plain wrong. The article was just an accurate report of all points of view regarding the demonstration. One of those points of view just happens to be that the government and its enforcement branch (i.e. the police) should not have allowed a blatantly racist group to express its views in LA. I for one think “freedom of speech” is a right for all US citizens, yes that means even Nazis. Although in this particular situation it could be said that one the Nazis’ goals was to incite violence, which is not protected even by freedom of speech. However, freedom of speech belongs to everyone, even those who say that the police should not support in any way racist groups such as the Nazis. Just because that point of view was reported, it does not mean the author was suggesting it was correct. Get over it.

  • Shirokaze

    As much as it pains me to show any type of support for a facist party, it was the counter-protesters who were in the wrong. Yes, they were protesting the presence of Nazis, who were congregating under the first amendment’s rights to freedom of speech and assembly, but they were, in all but a couple of events, using nonviolent language which is covered under the first ammendment. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad the counter-protestors were there, but it is going too far when you throw a wrench through someone’s windshield. Like-wise, if the situation were the other way around with the NSM protesting while the counter-protestors were giving their speeches, more of the neo-nazis would have been arrested. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your views), this is the world we live in and without going to a martial law system, this type of interaction will continue for quite a while.

  • Josef

    It’s kind of funny how the counter-protesters are doing EXACTLY what they allege the NSM is doing — employing violence. A mob set on one individual, and the counter-protesters think this is a good thing? If anything, they created sympathy for the NSM. Congratulations!

    btw, La Raza Unida is itself a racist organization, and I don’t think “latinos” qualify as a “minority” in CA anymore.

  • Nancey

    The counter-protesters were definitely wrong in their attacks, that’s a given. Anybody who witnessed it can agree with that. However, that doesn’t mean the NSM isn’t full of violence. Maybe it generated sympathy for whoever was getting attacked, but to sympathize with a group who practically worships a man whose dream was to murder an entire race…sorry, but I’m not seeing the logic. I see the point that the NSM is trying to make about illegal immigration, but their method of “standing up for the white race” is just too far. No one should have to be killed for their race, especially on land that was stolen to begin with.

  • Terina Sesser

    Having Dale to the Harrison State Good & Demolition Derby this morning. Big plus with having a son is that I’ve got a good friend now to view amount 8-10 events, demo derbys, and so forth.

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