Shades of Green: The world as we know it

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I’ve often suggested the possibility of the world coming to an end due to a lack of resources, but never have I considered delving into the likeliness of this actually occurring. How much are we consuming? How much is the earth producing? When will we reach our peak?

Right now, we’re steadying off reproduction at 6.5 billion people – but over the next 50 years, we’re expected to jump to 9 billion.

Even at 6.5 billion, we’re already feeling the pain of food limitations. The price of wheat has more than tripled since 2005 and rice has gone up more than 500 percent.

This phenomenon has been called the “global food crisis of 2008,” or better yet, the “perpetual food crisis.”

Livestock itself has become a huge problem.

In addition to cow farts producing methane gas, as noted in my last column, their calorie yield hardly makes up one fifth the grain used to feed them.

Basically, you are throwing away 80 percent of the calories you could be eating if you ate grains instead of eating helpless, methane-farting cows. Perhaps we should give Meatless Mondays another go?

But, eventually, we’re also going to run out of land to grow that wheat on, since we’re farming about 80 percent of the arable land on this planet. Basically, we still need to find a way to meet an estimated 50 percent greater demand by 2030.

To this, Dickson Despommier, a Ph.D. professor at Columbia University, introduced a concept called Vertical Farming that appeared on “The Colbert Report” in 2008.

A Vertical Farm is a tower that stretches up into the sky rather than across the land, and is a soil-less growing system that only requires water.

Granted, the thing looked completely ridiculous.

The 30-story tower resembled a giant magic beanstalk in the middle of the Chicago lake. Not to mention that its construction costs would outweigh its benefits.

So, what now?

We’re facing a decade that closely resembles that of the 1970s: petroleum shortages, high-priced food, a war, and a sudden green movement. Eventually, everything subsided – that is, gas and food became affordable, the war ended and everybody forgot about the Earth as they be-bopped into a consumerist world of 1980s station wagons and mega malls.

But now we are facing a more serious problem with depletion, this time regarding a resource that can’t be replaced, vertical farm or not. That’s right, the earth’s oil supply will eventually run out, and here we are giving 42,000 gallons a day to the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. Geez, what a gift. The ocean gives us shrimp, and we give it an endless supply of an irreplaceable resource. The ocean should consider itself lucky!

If you’ve ever learned about the Hubbert Peak Theory, you’d know that oil depletion should occur before 2050.

That’s only 40 years away, so if you’re a 20-something like me, good luck trying to retire peacefully.

The Oil Peak Theory is backed by the vast majority of scientists and energy economists, and according to the theory, we’re very close to that peak point right now, if it hasn’t already passed.

Even the more positive estimations say we might be a maximum of 10 years from the peak at current projections.

If you aren’t convinced yet, check out the “Life After the Oil Crash” website, which draws together a scary yet very real range of convictions.

Although the current green movement we’re experiencing may just be a replication of the past, we can’t afford to forget about it this time. Alternative resources need to be considered, or maybe we should start looking for another planet to exploit.

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One commentOn Shades of Green: The world as we know it

  • Manfred Zysk, M.E.


    By Manfred Zysk, M.E. – April 29, 2010
    Publication is authorized by author
    E-mails sent to: The White House and
    95 U.S. Senators on April 22-23/2010

    The Geological Society of America (GSA) concurs with assessments by the National Aceadmies of Science (2005), the National Research Council (2006), and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007) that global climate has warmed and that human activities (mainly greenhouse gas emissions) account for most the warming since the middle 1900s.

    In the face of heightened attacks on climate scientists, the Geological Society of America has made a strong statement calling on their membership to engage – forcefully – in the public discussion of climate change issues.

    More importantly, the Geological Society of America is recommending that its membership (22,000+) to become active participants in discussion of climate change debate, including to actively participate in professional education and discussion activities to be technically informed about the latest advances in climate science.

    GSA should encourage symposia at regional, national and international meeting to inform members on mainstream understanding among geoscientists and climate scientists or the causes and future effects of global warming within the broader context of natural variability. Engage in public activities in the community, including the local level. Public education is a critical element of a proactive response to the challenges presented by global climate change. GSA members are encouraged to take an active part in outreach activities to educate the public at all levels (local, regional, national and international) about the science of global warming and the important of geological research in framing policy development.

    GSA members are encouraged to discuss with businesses and policy makers the science of global warming, as well as opportunities for transitioning from our predominant dependence on fossil fuels to greater use of low-carbon energies and energy efficiencies.

    Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are changing the atmosphere in ways that affect the Earth’s climate. They are emitted from fossil fuel combustion and a range of industrial and agricultural processes.

    The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring. If no mitigating actions are taken, significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems, social systems, security and human health are likely to occur. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now.

    Because of the complexity of the climate makes accurate predictions difficult, the APS urges an enhanced effort to understand the effects of human activity on the Earth’s climate, and to provide the technological options for meeting the climate challenge in the near and longer terms. The APS also urges governments, universities, national laboratories and its membership to support policies and actions that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

    The American Physical Society with over 48,000 members is the leading U.S. organization for the advancement in physics and science education in cooperation with physical societies worldwide.

    Whenever a natural resource is being depleted, or becomes scarce and/or too expensive such as copper, aluminum, oil, coal and natural gas, then logically an alternative resource needs to be developed. The U.S. Energy Information Administration insists that the world will “require new oil production equivalent to three (3) Saudi Arabia’s by 2025” to meet projected growing global demand, which requires exploration, permitting, drilling, production, pipelines, tankers, storage facilities and refineries.

    The decline rate in oil production in existing fields dropped in 2007 from 3.7% to 6.7% a year. If production continues to drop for 10 years between 4% and 6.7%, then the depletion in existing oil fields would amount to 40% and 67% in 2020.

    Data released on April 8, 2010, shows the U.S. imports 13.47 million barrels per day (67%), which is more than the daily production of Saudi Arabia and about 1/3 of world oil production. The Department of Energy estimates all known and existing oil discoveries and production will enter a slow persistent decline beginning in 2012. DOE data shows a 10 million barrel per day shortfall between supply and demand within 5 years. This global oil shortfall can have large impacts on global gasoline prices, jobs, transportation, foreign trade, currencies and the global economy. Any remaining oil in the U.S. and off-shore would take about 10 years to develop, and quantities are unknown, which is also too little too late.

    The entire world became addicted to oil and fossil fuel, and the entire global energy industries and governments ignored the early warnings by some concerned individuals like me in the early 1960s. Much more available energy was needed for future products and population growth. Even under the best of circumstances today, all the oil corporations and the entire energy industry are not able to fulfill the future global oil and energy needs any longer, regardless of their futile protestations and claims.

    Denials of fossil fuel depletion are made while at the same time wars are being waged over oil and fossil fuel in the Mid-East and other regions. Likewise, denials about global climate changes, due to carbon dioxide emissions and nuclear radiation emissions into the atmosphere are now being waged with a global war-like propaganda operation from all directions, including the use of religious fanaticism.

    The American Institute, Heartland Institute, Cato Institute, American Petroleum Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Koch Industries, Universities such as Harvard-Smithsonian Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Virginia, John Birch Society, Scientists and about 40 climate denial groups, scientists at various universities and national news media are funded by utility companies, coal companies, oil companies and the automobile industry for over 20 years. On several occasions, I submitted verified factual information to the Heartland Institute editors and management, and to right-wing organizations, but they relentlessly publish deceptive and false information. These rigid organizations with their direct influence in government have become a national/global liability, and are obstructing the development of the world population. No plans exist for managing the needs of the growing national/global population in the future. Solutions are required very soon, or yesterday.

    The inflicted global economic damages from diminishing and costly energy resources, with continued CO2 emissions from remaining fossil fuel, combined with the environmental damages caused by accelerating global climate changes, can easily develop into a condition where an economic recovery may take many years, or more than a generation. The only readily available energy resource for global population sustainability is hydrogen (11%), obtained from the oceans and by developing my proposed hydrogen energy regeneration processes to replace fossil fuel, which require a large national/ international hydrogen energy development program.

    The disavowal of Fossil Fuel Depletion, Global Climate Change denials, and to do nothing from evident dimwits, are obviously not the solution and can lead to national economic suicide. The most despicable and criminal tactics are being used by planting erroneous and false information and then using these fabrications and false information to befuddle the public to justify any illegal and criminal activities by companies, corporations, military, intelligence organizations and governments for exploitive schemes, corrupt politics and for inducing wars, which have global economic implications. According to historical evidence, the same irrational tactics are now re-enacted and imposed upon populations with few new gimmicks, but with a litany of denials. Major U.S. News Networks have sunk so low that they even deny and lie about the changes in the climate and the weather. Unbelievable, but disgracefully true. How can this be happening!

    The time has come for everyone to understand that the era of fossil fuel is shortly coming to an end. It means that every person, small businesses, companies and corporations have to recognize that a substitute to fossil fuel is urgently needed. If and when public funds are used, then the most economical and beneficial energy plans need to be implemented in the public and business interests. Present maximizing profit schemes have to be shelved, and every effort has to be made to unify the public and develop a workable economic system we all can be proud of, and then fully appreciate our hard work and accomplishments. This can be a most gratifying and lasting experience with an abundance of opportunities.

    The USA used to be known as the world leader in education, technology and innovation, but now for reasons of maximizing profit motives and greed, the USA cannot save itself from its created disintegration and probable economic disaster. The USA has become evidently impotent and suicidal, and its government demands and insists upon its own economic destruction by any and all possible means. This is not capitalism, it is simply greed driven into frantic economic cannibalism and sheer insanity. When the American economy has been reduced to the lowest wages in the world, then all our multi-national corporations are not able to sell imported goods any longer, because the American public is so dependent upon imports, but is not able to afford these imports any more. America has become the New Roman Empire and is running out of energy and steam, and its leaders are not courageous enough to approve of new energy solutions for fear that most countries would and could become energy independent from the United States. The pipedream of world domination is coming to an end.
    40% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from natural sources, but 60% of carbon dioxide emissions come from industrial and man-made sources.

    Quote from President Barack Obama: “The threat from climate change is serious, it is urgent, and it is growing. Our generation’s response to this challenge will be judged by history, for if we fail to meet it – boldly, swiftly, and together – we risk consigning future generations to an irreversible catastrophe.”

    The EPA announced emissions of carbon dioxide fell 2.2% in 2008 to just below 7 billion metric tons. From 2005 to 2008, fossil fuel represented 79% of U.S. energy consumption. The drop in emissions was driven by lower consumption of fuel and electricity. U.S. emissions are expected to increase by 4% between 2005 to 2050 with the U.S. GDP is expected to grow 40% by 2020.

    March 2010 was the warmest March on record, based on the world’s combined global land and ocean surface temperatures, and that the period from January to March was the fourth warmest the planet has seen with a rise in temperature of 1.19?F above the 20th century average. The March worldwide land surface temperature was 2.45?F above the 20th century average. Anomalies can change this data.

    CO2 AT NEW HIGHS DESPITE RECESSION – Oslo, Norway Reuters, March 15, 2010
    Johan Stroem of the Norwegian Polar Institute and Stockholm University compiled CO2 data from the Arctic Svalbard Archipelago for early March 2009 measuring 393.17 ppm, and early March 2010 measuring 393.71 ppm of CO2. The economic recession did not reduce the CO2 emissions as was expected. Kim Holmen at the Norwegian Polar Institute said: the data “seem to show that we continue to emit as if there was no tomorrow.” A 2009 study of the ocean off Africa indicate carbon levels in the atmosphere were at their highest in 2.1 million years.

    As I previously published, tropical air currents warm the oceans which continually produce more moisture into the atmosphere. Heat is energy which can produce major wind storms, tornados and hurricanes. A continuous generation of heat pushes warm air masses into the arctic to melt permafrost, and warmer ocean air currents are thawing the Arctic ice shelves from above the sea surface, and the warmer ocean waters below the sea surface are melting the Arctic ice shelves from below the sea surface, and is melting the frozen methane hydrates which are located on the ocean floor worldwide and around all continents. The annual emissions of methane hydrates amount to 440 million tons and are the equivalent between 11 billion to 13.2 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide.

    Continuous 24-hour heat generation forces these air masses to condense into the Arctic regions as well as into the Antarctic regions and produces air turbulences. The continuous accumulation of condensed air masses from the Arctic are then forced to move southward and bring major snow storms during the winter months, but when being fronted and converged with warm moisture laden air masses from the tropical regions, then the combined air masses produce large rain storms and flooding. Electricity and heat produce stronger air currents and have a cooling effect upon the global atmosphere.

    As the seasons change into summer, the tropical and sub-tropical regions become continuously hotter and produce shifting weather patterns, droughts, deserts, crop failures, hurricanes, tornadoes, electricity brownouts, and major economic damages. Similarly, this happens at the Antarctic and in the Southern Hemisphere as well, except that most of the total Earth land mass amounting to 29.1% (148.6 million sq. km) 13.9 million sq. miles is located in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of the economic damages are expected to occur. Pease see my website:

    Most of the world surface area is covered by the oceans and amount to 70.9% (361.4 million sq. km) 57.4 million sq. miles, and the Southern Hemisphere disproportionally contains most of the ocean waters with 82.3%. This means that the melting ice and water is mostly distributed into the Southern Hemisphere, and can affect the balance of the Earth, by shifting the Magnetic North Pole by approximately 9 miles (15 kilometers) annually towards Russia, and has a daily elliptical movement of 50 miles (80 kilometers) from its center point according to verified research. After approximately 400 years of relative calm, the North Magnetic Pole has moved about 685 miles (1100 km) northwest in the last 100 years, and is expected to reach Siberia in about 50 years.

    National Geographic News – December 15, 2005
    New research shows the pole moving at rapid clip – 25 miles (40 kilometers) a year. The movement of the pole definitely appears to be accelerating. The last pole reversals occurred 780,000 years ago and have taken place about 400 times in the last 330 million years. Joe Stoner, a paleomagnetist at Oregon State University said: “It’s probably just a normal wandering of the pole.” (This would be about 250 miles or 400 kilometers of shifting of the Arctic Pole and some shifting of the Equator just in the next ten (10) years.)

    National Geographic News – December 24, 2009
    Earth’s north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 mile (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet’s core, new research says. (This would be about 400 miles or 640 kilometers in only 10 years time. This explains the lower magnetism of the North Pole, because the Earth’s core is shifting as well. The big question is how far the Arctic Pole can continue to shift in view of the present Earth gravitational rotation and regain its equatorial balance and equilibrium. The Earth Poles has always been moving and shifting for very many millions of years, but the present acceleration of pole shifting should be of substantial concern. This is very serious and needs to be watched closely.)

    Such weight shifting of the Earth Axis will affect the ocean currents, Gulf Stream circulation pattern, including the weight upon various Earth Plates, and produce volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in weak Earth Plate locations. Because of the present Earth rotation and speed, the Earth is trying to compensate for any weight changes and imbalances, which is also being displayed by movements of earth plates with active volcanoes and earthquakes. The Earth is composed of 5 layers consisting of an inner core, outer core, lower mantle, upper mantle and the crust which can rotate at different, irregular speeds, compared to the crust and consists of earth plates. The earth core is also drifting to compensate for any weight irregularities.

    My entire research is meant to provide comprehensive information and a truthful assessment of present global conditions. None of my assessment is to cause any undue fear or harm, but hopefully points toward our self reliance and useful direction for the future. Since we have developed a good measure of technology, particularly in global food production, then we could utilize technology to overcome various anticipated global problems involving natural resources, climate and overall global human environment.

    This year in 2010, we need to understand the true situation of Global Climate Change and that we are already in a serious chain reaction of climate events which become worse if not rectified. We are experiencing huge electric power outages lasting over 1 week at a time for 500,000 to over 1 million people across the United States from major snow storms, rain storms, 70 mile an hour (112km) winds, flooding including brownouts in the summer due to high electricity demand. Such year-round electricity failures will not work very well for electric cars and will cause substantial economic losses, particularly when, or if climate changes become substantially worse in the near future. The present type concept and technology for electric cars are inadequate to meet our future transportation requirements.

    If we eliminate carbon emissions, we eliminate the melting of polar ice, the melting of permafrost, the melting of methane hydrates on the ocean floor thereby we reduce and eliminate worsening weather patterns such as droughts, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and major agricultural and economic losses. This is a monumental and costly task, and none of the present initiatives by the United States, European Union or the United Nations are adequate to reverse the present climate trend, and we do not have the determination to ensure the human survival. Although an attempt will be made out of desperation when global climate conditions become extremely severe, but by that time any efforts will be too little and too late as usual.

    The final result is that our global climate is changing due to the emissions from methane, carbon dioxide and chemicals which in turn cause a chain reaction of events that when combined accelerate the frequency of global disasters. It can be expected that this global trend will continue until the most affective scientific methods and processes are able to produce a reversal in this global trend. An effective methane and carbon dioxide disposal is fertilizer. This fertilizer is formulated with a time release, including several advantageous chemical formulas, and is most useful for most crops, agriculture, fruit trees and for planting new forests. If the human race continues to destroy the Earth natural environment, then the consequences will become worse than they are now – obviously. These simple truths cannot be denied and are evidenced by the continuous acceleration of natural disasters no matter how many lies are generated by exploiters, corporations and governments.

    Re-issued from September 16, 2009. – At the present, global warming due to CO2, methane, and chemical emissions are melting the Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves which in turn produce a chain reaction that create warmer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere with wind currents, warmer ocean currents which in turn melt the permafrost. Present Permafrost is melting at an annual rate of 1.5 inches (4 centimeters), or 15 inches (40 centimeters) in 10 years.

    The global permafrost is estimated to contain approximately 950 billion to 1.5 trillion tons of stored methane and annual methane emissions are presently estimated at 440 million tons. Methane is 25-30 times stronger than CO2, and the 440 million tons of methane is the equivalent to 11 to 13.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

    A study indicated that when a 10 percent release of atmospheric CO2 from permafrost would increase the count of parts per million by 80, or to about 467 ppm. Records show that Greenland previously became free of ice at 400 ppm, and Hawaii already recorded 400 ppm of CO2 emissions. Frozen Permafrost and Tundra come in thicknesses from 50 to 600 meters (160 to 2,000 feet). Organic decomposition of thawed vegetation and soil of permafrost can reach depths of more than 30 feet. The Arctic, Canada and Siberia permafrost and Tundra are thawing at a rate of 4 centimeters (1.5 inches) per year, and some areas are thawing 15 inches (38 centimeters) annually. Exploration of permafrost depth and Tundra thickness of the Northern Hemisphere is extremely important and much of this can be done with satellite topography in combination with ground research teams. For additional energy and climate change information please see:

    There are approximately 3 trillion tons of methane gas contained in frozen hydrates beneath the ocean floor along the East and West Coast of South America, North America, entire North Pacific, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, India, Arabian Sea, around the coasts of East and West Africa and a large area of the Barents Sea. The methane hydrate was found in thick sediment layers of 15-20 meters (50-65 feet) in China, 132 meters (433 feet) in India, and Andaman Islands 600 meters (984 feet) in frozen hydrates beneath the ocean floor. The Andaman Islands just had a 7.6 earthquake in the Indian Ocean on August 10, 2009, and an earthquake in 2004 killed 228,000 people.

    The Arctic and Antarctic melting ice dilutes the salinity of ocean currents which then is expected to slow down the ocean currents. The slowing of ocean currents heats the ocean waters which then cause storms and hurricanes and increases the melting of the frozen permafrost and stored methane on the ocean floor.

    The huge problem are the 950-1,500 billion tons of methane stored in the frozen permafrost of the Tundra amounting to 30% of the land surface area in Canada (11.5 Million Sq. Miles) including in the World surface area of 20% ( 57.9 Million Sq. Miles), and the 3 trillion tons of methane that is stored beneath the ocean floor. The combined quantity of methane in the permafrost and frozen methane hydrates in the ocean floor sediment amount to approximately 3.95-4.5 trillion tons, and are the equivalent to approximately 100 Trillion to 135 Trillion Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

    Warmer wind currents and warmer ocean water currents are causing major changes in the overall global weather system by continuously feeding more methane into the atmosphere from the melting permafrost as well as from warmer oceans releasing ever more methane from the ocean floor. Warmer air and warmer ocean water are expected to increase air currents and water currents to cause underwater turbulence which is expected to thaw the frozen methane on the ocean floor, and release large amounts of more methane hydrates into the atmosphere. The frozen methane on the ocean floor covers such an immensely large area, that it warrants the publication of this map below, and it was published by Energy Outlook 2007 and Der Spiegel, 2005 and labeled as Energy from Ice (Global distribution of methane hydrate deposits on the ocean floor. Source: Klaudia and Sandler, 2005.

    The World Map above shows large amounts of methane (dark blue) enveloping the continents. This map also shows that most of the areas of methane at one time contained vegetation and animals which over time of millions of years have decomposed into methane – now became frozen methane. Much of the frozen methane is in relatively shallow ocean waters around these continents as shown.

    The planned sequestration of CO2 on the ocean floor will be dangerous because the CO2 will spread out over a large ocean floor area and warmer air and ocean currents cause an upwelling motion toward the water surface and release the CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, there are earth plate movements, plate tectonics and underwater earthquakes causing tsunamis which can cause violent shaking and movement of the sequestered CO2 toward the ocean surface. South East Asia and the Indian Ocean countries are riddled with earthquakes on a regular basis, and the sequestration of CO2 on the ocean floor is out of the question.

    When viewing the global earth plate movements and plate buckling, earth plate subduction, active global earthquakes and the amount of existing methane deposits on the ocean floor, it becomes obvious that the sequestration of CO2 on the ocean floor can become catastrophic. A NASA study in 2001 shows a huge release of frozen sea floor methane about 55 million years ago that heated the Earth by 13 degrees F. (7 degrees C.), and that was a huge catastrophe.

    With the global warming of the air and the warming of ocean waters, the ocean floor is then melting the frozen methane, which has a tendency to carry the CO2 gas to the surface of the ocean and the wind carries the methane and additional CO2 into the atmosphere. Then this is a global catastrophe, and the consequences are unimaginable to the human race. Climate changes such as increased warmer temperatures over several continents have an effect on air currents and therefore change the jet-stream and existing weather patterns into unusual and abnormal conditions. This causes a more profound force and velocity that in turn tend to shift the overall world weather pattern into global warming, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. The earth rotation with fluctuating temperatures of day and night, including seasonal temperature changes combined with the annual movement of the North Pole contribute to the present global climate changes.

    Since April, 2009, I have checked the daily temperatures of Fairbanks, Alaska. During this time I was shocked to see that the temperatures in Fairbanks (72-85 degrees) repeatedly were warmer than in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City and Los Angeles. The average Fairbanks temperature for the month of July is 72 degrees.

    The ever increasing amount of airborne toxic chemicals, carbon dioxide and nuclear radiation emissions into the atmosphere worldwide are reaching a dangerous limit by contaminating the atmosphere, the soil and food supply, with increasing health problems, by reaching limits of acidity and CO2 absorbency by the oceans, and when combined, the airborne toxic chemicals are causing global climate change, and changes in present weather patterns.

    Serious consideration should be given to research and the latest press releases about global climate changes and the accelerating release of methane from thawing permafrost and methane hydrates from the ocean floor combined contain approximately 3.9 – 4.5 Trillion tons of methane while the oceans are becoming steadily warmer. Warmer oceans release more warm moisture and thaw more permafrost on land, while at the same time warmer ocean waters will accelerate the thawing of methane hydrates on the ocean floor in continuously increased volumes and in an accelerating cycle.

    According to the latest research reports, the thawing of methane that is released from the permafrost and the methane hydrates that is released from the ocean floor has not been incorporated into the global climate change research analysis by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN-IPCC). This is very serious, because regardless of how many years it would take in an all-out effort to stabilize and reverse Global Climate Change, it would take an additional several years to stop the warming of the oceans, and then several years to cool the oceans.

    This happens from industrialization and increasing global population growth. In order to reduce or eliminate this pending manmade climate change catastrophe, it is necessary to take appropriate action. Any cap-and-trade legislation allows even more greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and causes a greater climate crisis. According to measurements, the Western Antarctic Peninsula alone has lost about 8,000 square miles of ice during the last 50 years.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists
    ([email protected]) Feb. 22, 2010
    The Union of Concerned Scientists with over 75,000 memberships disclosed: “Corporations, front groups, and climate deniers who oppose critical efforts to curb global warming are waging an all-out war on science in the news media every day and mislead the public about global warming.” Our opponents have deep pockets and bankroll their fraudulent claims and broadcast them to the world. The facts are:

    The first 10 years of this century have been the warmest decade on record.
    Sea ice in the Arctic melted to its third-lowest area ever measured last summer.
    Worldwide, ocean temperatures last summer were hotter than ever previously recorded.
    Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are currently the highest they have been in at least 800,000 years.

    If global emissions continue unabated, taxpayers could be saddled with hundreds of billions of dollars in damages – from flooding, storm damages, agricultural losses, healthcare costs and huge annual economic losses.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists advocate: Clean renewable energy, less dirty fossil fuels, better fuel economy standards, new emission reductions for cars, and advocate sustainable agricultural practices to protect air, water, soil and reduce warming emissions.

    TELEGRAPH – UK 3/23/2010 – World’s oil reserves have been exaggerated by up to a third, according to Sir David King, former chief scientist.

    TELEGRAPH – UK 3/22/2010 – A study found Onshore Wind Farms are producing less than a fifth (1/5) of electricity predicted – some producing less than 10%.

    President Barack Obama has emphasized the importance of developing new sources of energy and cultivating the jobs that will come with them. “I am convinced that whoever builds a clean energy economy, whoever is at the forefront of that, is going to own the 21st – century global economy” at a meeting of governors at the White House on February 3, 2010.

    February 4, 2010, the Pentagon called climate change a threat to national security that “may spark or exacerbate future conflicts.” “Assessments conducted by the intelligence community indicate that climate change could have significant geopolitical impacts around the world, contributing to poverty, environmental degradation, and the further weakening of fragile governments.”

    Bill Gates at the TED Conference on February 12, 2010 said: “What we are going to have to do at a global scale is create a new system, so we need energy miracles.” The world must eliminate all of its carbon emissions and cut energy costs in half in order to prevent a climate catastrophe, which will hit the worlds poorest hardest. “We have to drive full speed and get a miracle in a pretty tight timeline.” Please see my website:

    In 2009 alone, Big Oil and other energy interests spent a record breaking $154 million just for lobbying efforts, which includes an aggressive smear campaign to kill clean energy legislation. According to the recent Supreme Court decision, our senators and congressmen can be bought and bribed by the oil and energy corporations with unlimited amounts of money. The disregard to national priorities and the favoritism toward Big Oil and energy corporations at this rate will bring on a major economic depression.

    At the British Royal Society on February 10, 2010, the Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security released a new report that oil shortages, insecurities of supply and price volatility will destabilize economic, political and social activity within 5 years, and Peak Oil must be a priority for the government. The Industry Taskforce warns that the United Kingdom is ill-prepared for rising oil prices brought on by dwindling supplies. “Working together, we must ensure that the government takes action to address the impact of the oil crunch and ensure the UK is better prepared to withstand higher and more volatile oil prices.”

    Major oil companies have admitted that the supply of oil is diminishing in the next few years, as well as in the future, because super oil field exploration have resulted in fewer worthwhile oil fields, and existing oil fields become depleted. British Petroleum stated it is usually able to get 25% to 40% of the oil in place, but only as much as 30% is extracted from the ground in practice. The Mid-East (Iraq, Iran) and South America still have a substantial amount of oil in the ground or off-shore, but those countries are not very willing to dispose or squander their oil treasure.

    Present and future global oil production as well as oil depletion is expected to remain constant through 2014, but after that, world oil production will go into decline. The ability to continue the increase of global oil production will come to an end this year, and oil prices are expected to remain relatively stable for about 1 to 2 years, unless the oil supply is disrupted.

    Therefore, energy companies and oil companies are scrambling to invest into tar sands, oil shale, coal, natural gas, nuclear power, wind and solar energy with anticipation of generating high profits from diminishing fossil fuel energy resources in the near future. Electricity production inefficiency and waste is estimate at 25% to 44%.

    The true facts about nuclear power energy are astonishing. Global nuclear power plants amount to 435 with an average lifespan of 25-35 years, require 15 years for investment payback, and cost approximately $7 billion to $15+ billion each for construction, operating costs, nuclear waste storage, decommissioning, safety violations, insurance costs, et cetera. Nuclear power plant costs, operation and electricity costs have been skyrocketing. To date the USA has invested over $500 billion into 104 operating nuclear power plants. 40% of nuclear fuel is imported and nuclear power will not provide energy independence as is claimed. 400 additional reactors are planned worldwide at an estimated cost of $24 Trillion ($60 billion each) just for construction alone. Each reactor produces 30 to 50 tons of “high-level” radioactive waste each year, and 400 reactors would produce a total of 12,000 to 20,000 tons of radioactive waste annually.

    Increased volumes of radiation concentrations and contamination will become a serious health problem, especially during weather inversions along the East Coast of the United States. Three foot thick concrete walls do not contain radiation at all, and the radiation is released into the atmosphere unrestricted. Exposure of 40+ years of such large continuous radiation contamination emissions into the atmosphere and all food supply can ultimately affect the immune system and health particularly to the population who live about 100 miles downwind from nuclear power plants. The United States in 2008 imported 34.2 million short tons of coal for about $1.95 billion.

    Unless a new form of energy is produced immediately, any further reductions or constriction of the energy supply causes serious economic repercussions, because at the present, this planet does not have an alternative energy source in place to replace fossil fuel. To develop and to market my Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Processes and Systems in the USA and globally would require a substantial amount of money and time, of which we do not have anymore. Please see my website:

    Present and future population growth increases energy demands which cannot be met because of limited fossil fuel resources. The global demands for the next 40 and 60 years for energy, food, jobs, housing, clothing, daily necessities, transportation, commodities, infrastructure and services can be reasonably estimated. Many economic adjustments need to be made accordingly, especially by all governments and the military. This places the existing human race into a very difficult survival situation for at least half of the world population of 3.4 billion people.

    The doubling of current World Population Growth rate is estimated at 61 years, while in the 1960s, the doubling of the World Population was only 35 years. Presently, many Asian and African countries double their population in about 15 years. World population in 2009 was estimated at 6.8 billion people, and in the year 2050 the World Population is estimated at approximately 9.4 billion people. Such global population growth places tremendous strains upon many natural resources, energy supply, infrastructure, services and economy.

    The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Climate Research results are validated and were confirmed by scientists, oceanographers, planetary scientists, naturalists, glaciologists, paleontologists and geographers from six (6) continents, including the British Antarctic Survey, British and German Universities, California and Massachusetts Universities, the British Royal Society, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, NASA, the U.S. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the European Space Agency. The average growing season for crops in the Northern Hemisphere has increased by 11 days due to ongoing Global Climate changes.

    The present controversy in the news media about global climate change and heavy snowfall in the northern hemisphere contains poor logic and lack of common sense. The weather is indeed changing as I have previously disclosed, and summers are becoming hotter, and the winters are more severe and/or colder. The present warmer Ocean waters generate more moisture into the atmosphere and the warm air currents push this moisture in a steady stream and with force into the Arctic region, where the moist air is condensed and forced to move southward blanketing large portions of the United States, Europe and the Northern Hemisphere with cold and massive snow storms.

    Weather reporting could be improved on the National TV Weather Channel and other weather forecasts and in newspapers by showing warm wind current movements into the Arctic and cold wind currents leaving the Arctic, including jet stream movements in Canada and the U.S. The interaction of cold air currents from the Arctic and warm air currents from tropical regions can be continuously monitored around the Earth with satellites. Any changes in weather patterns obtained from satellites on a daily basis and over several years are automatically programmed into computers and provide positive proof of any global climate changes. Satellite data and ground observations will become undisputable.

    In addition, when the cold condensed moisture laden air masses from the Arctic converge with the warm air masses from the tropical regions, the result is either heavy rains or major snow storms, depending on the temperature and sustained velocity of wind currents of the cold and warm air. The Gulf Stream flow pattern does show changes in our weather patterns. Unusual warm winter weather is occurring in the Oregon coastal region for several years and substantial amounts of rain is replacing snowfall during winter months.

    Many years ago, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) were promoted to replace ozone-damaging hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), and now is closing the Antarctic ozone hole. HFC-134a can trap 3,400 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2, and now HFCs are contributing to changes into warmer temperatures and climate, and for melting the ice shelves in the Antarctic. CO2 is now being used as the best refrigerant.

    Large amounts of global permafrost and frozen methane are being thawed on the ocean floor. Global permafrost and methane amount to approximately 950 billion to 1.5 trillion tons. Present annual methane emissions are estimated at about 150-250 million tons. These emissions contribute to climate changes by further warming the oceans and melting the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. If or when the melting ice raises the ocean sea levels by 4-6 feet, then large remaining ice shelves could be forced to rise and float, break up and separate from the sediment structure, and then disintegrate. If this were to happen, then this would no doubt be a climate catastrophe. The UN-International Panel on Climate Change is correct in being alarmed and to plan for taking appropriate measures in the global interest. Solutions are being worked on, and the Deniers of Global Warming and Climate Change are simply Dimwits.

    The National Snow and Ice Data Center shows Arctic sea ice for January 2010 averaged 13.78 million square kilometers (5.32 million square miles). This was 1.08 million square kilometers (417,000 square miles) below the 1979 to 2000 average for January. NASA satellite shows that Antarctica has been losing more than 100 cubic kilometers (24 cubic miles) of ice since 2002, and is accelerating. NASA/German Aerospace suggests that since 2006 there has been more ice loss from East Antarctica than previously thought. Please see website:

    “Scientists with Oregon State University and the State Geology and Mineral Industries Department believe that not only is the sea level rising, but they have recently determined that maximum wave heights – those mammoth waves that occur offshore during the winter months – have risen dramatically from a previously estimated 33 feet to as much as 46 feet. Possible causes might be changes in storm tracks, higher winds, more intense winter storms, or other factors. These probably are related to global warming, but it could also be involved with periodic climate fluctuations . . . and our wave records are sufficiently short that we can’t be certain yet. But what is clear (is) the waves are getting larger. And they are taking their toll on the coastline. There was tremendous erosion and 492 feet (150 meters) of beach along the shoreline has disappeared in recent years” at two towns along the Oregon north coast.

    This is elementary and hardly science, and only shows of how befuddled and dishonest the news media and greedy corporations have become. Denials of global climate changes and the denials of finite fossil fuel depletion (consumption) are outright lunacy. All the shouting, screaming, lying, faking and antics will not change the obvious natural environmental consequences caused by human consumption and/or abuse. The real problem usually involves maximum exploitation and greed by corporations or entire industries, because their only aim is to maximize profits. Then the corporations demand bailouts from the government and from the overburdened American citizens in order to stay in business, just like the Nuclear Power Industry, and to pay for their generated, hazardous nuclear waste disposal. Now the Nuclear Power Industry wants to expand their operations, which continuously increases the risks of nuclear war and more human health concerns. The insurance companies are reluctant to take on $10 to $20+ billion of unknown liability and risk policies for these nuclear power plants.

    The plan of mass abandonment of our cities, and the resettlement of most people in the United States into small villages and towns was advocated by religious fundamentalists preachers a few years ago, would only cause future poverty, disorientation, and massive economic breakdown of the entire country, including the elimination of most businesses, companies, corporations, the stock market, foreign trade, the public school system, most universities, government, medical health care and the elimination of social security, including the elimination of ships, trains, planes, trucks, cars, television and communication. The plan was to herd the public like in a stolid cattle drive into abject subservience and servitude. We do need to solve any crisis and problems preferably before they occur in this day and age, and should not submit to dimwitted rhetoric of ignorance and bamboozlings by snake charmers, snake oil salesmen and religious zealots posing as religious, moral leaders, including by an irresponsible news media fueling more distrust and hate.

    Subjugation and further oppression in any form (including religion) of large segments of the world population has economic consequences and only increases the risk of obvious worldwide rioting, terror and revolution. Now is the time to assess our vulnerabilities and assets for a survivable future and progress. Promises of pending economic progress by politicians, governments and fossil fuel energy suppliers are useless, unless they can be proven by annual progress, results and verifiable future energy security of resources for at least the next 60 years. Lying and swindling the public is no longer acceptable or working. The best solution is to assemble all countries together, such as the United Nations with economic cooperation plans with meaningful resolutions and workable technologies.

    My repeated requests for fossil fuel conservation through the use of new technology and reduction of pollution emissions were ignored by the United States government for decades. The burdens, costs and urgency for conversion to a new energy source now become overwhelming, while the United States government is still determined of supporting the U.S. energy companies and oil companies toward monopolizing the diminishing world fossil fuel energy supply. In 2008 the USA imported 34.2 million short tons of coal for approximately $1.9 million.

    More wars can be expected, because our United States government, as usual, will claim to protect our national and foreign interests (supposedly for Western Developed Countries), as was done with the Iraq War, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and African Countries with the loss of lives of several million people. Such stupid plans and policies are failures right from the beginning and only cause economic chaos on a global scale and for the human race. The ridiculous invocation of religion and God into these crazy war schemes does not help either, and only incite further alienation, revulsion, reprisals, terrorism, including present day torture.

    The only alternative to fossil fuel and for a survivable future are my Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Processes and Systems, provided that we use this technology and remaining global resources sensibly. But this is doubtful, and remains to be seen. Unfortunately this planet has to make very large efforts to contain unacceptable greed by corporations, political hacks, hate mongers, despots, exploiters, religious fanatics, and numerous dangerous elements of all sorts who are a danger to the livelihood and existence of the human race. Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Processes cannot fall into the hands of maximum profiteers and the oil companies, because we have already experienced their outrageous greed by banks, oil companies and Enron.

    Manfred Zysk, M.E.
    E-mail: [email protected]

    BY: MANFRED ZYSK, M.E. – February 3, 2010

    The present Waxman-Markley co-authored energy legislation stipulates that Energy firms could purchase energy offsets rather than reduce their emissions for a far-off target date. The Coal Companies and Utility Companies would be given Trillions of Dollars in free pollution credits even while raising energy prices for consumers. The Cap and Trade Policies allow industries to sell and buy carbon credits with each other without having to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    My comments to the White House and the Department of Energy before the Copenhagen Conference was: According from my experience, the Energy and Utility Companies do not have the money, technology, capabilities, determination or inclination to comply with any legally binding Climate Change Agreements in Copenhagen. Any legally binding Climate Change Agreements in Copenhagen would obligate the USA government to pay heavy penalties for non-compliance of Climate Change Agreements. In order to meet the legally binding Copenhagen Agreements, the Energy and Utility Companies would have to be taken over or bought-out at a cost of approximately 3-4 Trillion Dollars. Obviously this is why the United States government would not agree to any legally binding Climate Change Agreements.

    Understandably, the imposition of heavy penalties for non-compliance to the Copenhagen Accords would have been devastating to the Obama administration and for progressives in the Democratic Party who have been advocates for the Copenhagen initiatives, amid the shrill vitriol by deniers of Global Climate Change. It appears that I share the blame for some of the “USA Scuttling” of Copenhagen (COP 15) Conference, because I had expected that fast actions toward climate change and energy solutions would be incorporated into bold initiatives, but heavy penalties and non-compliance issues would have had substantial negative economic impacts upon the United States. The needed technology to bring about adequate global climate change results had not been developed and is not presently available to all countries, and still need to be resolved.

    My suggestion was to proceed with my Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Systems and Research, and other energy saving products. The conversion from Fossil Fuel to Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Systems could cost approximately $2.6 Trillion for a 5 year crash program and approximately a total of $4 Trillion over a 10 year period for the USA alone, while solving the global climate change problem at the same time. Some investment payback can already occur within the first 3 years for various new energy saving products. These cost figures can be reduced substantially when other developed countries contribute in a joint effort to solve the global energy and global climate change problem. These cost figures for the conversion to my Hydrogen Energy Regeneration does not include any profits, but primarily are intended to maintain and enhance our present economic system as best as possible by providing energy and electricity at the lowest cost for all industries, businesses, homes and citizens.

    In order to achieve maximum national economic benefits, I advocate the establishment of a new national energy company with low profit motives that will serve the national economic interests in direct conjunction with stringent government oversight and control for all energy and electricity generation. My primary concern is adequate federal funding to make my new Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Processes succeed with minimum economic upsets nationally and globally during the transition period from fossil fuel energy to hydrogen energy regeneration systems.

    Right from the start, the Obama administration was faced with incredible debts and a complete economic meltdown of unknown proportions, with very grave consequences to the United States. In retrospect, substantial efforts have been made to avoid further economic deterioration. Approximately 30% of our defense industry can be converted into economic development without vulnerability or loss to our national security. This would amount to approximately $330 billion every year into our economy to create more new industries, new jobs, job training, schools, social security, and medical and dental care and/or reduce our national debts. More than enough weapons and military might is at our disposal, whenever real need should arise for our national defense and security. If for some reason our national security were truly threatened, then the necessary military funding and sacrifices would of course be reinstated, as necessary.

    Our own national security also provides security for all other countries; particularly if all countries cooperate with common objectives, similarly like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and United Nations. A Common, enforceable Global Non-Aggression Treaty composed of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and other world countries would produce needed global economic benefits and reduce nuclear weapons, potential nuclear wars and global biological warfare threats.

    Our government has funded projects like large dams and nuclear energy to generate electricity in the past. We do need to understand that fossil fuel and nuclear power (uranium) is finite, and we have little time left for converting to another energy source to supply our entire economy and nation. If and when the global fossil fuel reserves are consumed and gone, then the oil companies and energy companies will have disappeared as well. An honest and comprehensive global energy supply assessment has already been disclosed by our leaders in government.

    Plundering other countries of their remaining energy and natural resources is most distressing and destructive to our nation, and is not the answer or worth the short term gains. Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Processes cannot be handed over to these zealous exploiters and scheming profiteers. The shouting for ever larger profits and greed will stop sooner or later, and with coordinated efforts and rationalization it is possible to agree to satisfactory energy and climate change solutions for a livable environment and survivability. For more energy research, please see my website:

    BY: MANFRED ZYSK, M.E. – January 13, 2010
    Contains Proprietary Research and Intellectual
    Property Rights – Publication is authorized by author

    Only Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Energy Regeneration Processes can replace Oil and Fossil Fuel. The availability of inexpensive and the abundance of Hydrogen can generate a new era for the world with numerous new products and processes which will transform our present industrial system toward an ideal future environment. When hydrogen energy and hydrogen regeneration processes and applications are fully developed, tens of millions of jobs will be created which will surpass the present auto industry and infuse great economic energy into all other industries and commerce. Low energy costs are the lifeblood of civilization and can lead toward global peace, democracy and prosperity. If hydrogen energy regeneration processes are provided at lower costs compared to fossil fuel by 60% or more to all countries, then major economic improvements occur on a global scale and would reduce or eliminate most global conflicts over energy resources. Ocean waters contain 11% hydrogen and fresh water contains 10% hydrogen. Please see website:

    The present energy/fossil fuel and global climate crisis’s are not surprising, and the global energy/climate crisis most likely will continue to the point of severe economic strangulation, associated with high unemployment, high food prices, much higher cost of living expenses, et cetera, unless measures are taken to circumvent such impending disasters.

    It is already well known that the constant global battles and wars over natural resources, global market share and global military domination will only lead to disaster. Of utmost importance is inexpensive and abundant supply of energy and my hydrogen energy regeneration technology. Relatively cheap energy fueled the industrial revolution to its present state, but has been dominated with constant human suffering and wars.

    Due to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and my recall to active military duty for occupation of Cuba, I foresaw continued nuclear missile confrontations; therefore I came up with a possible solution with the design of small 2 to 6 passenger jet planes for military, commercial and private usage. Such a small jet plane with a feature of vertical take-off would have great economic benefits and simultaneously reduce and solve many global military confrontations. My experience in car body design, engineering and production including aircraft engine engineering provided me with sufficient confidence toward the feasibility for the development and production of this small jet plane.

    In 1963, I hoped that our government would not try to control the Mid-East oil, because logically it meant that we ultimately would lose our wealth and waste much fossil fuel in the process. I fully understood the ongoing political games and controls being exercised by the oil companies, auto industry, military industrial complex, the state department, our government and basically the involvement of every facet of our economy into the militarization of the United States. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, I believed that our government and military would realize the importance of this small jet plane for the military, defense and economic importance on a global scale, but our government and military were totally against this small jet plane for obvious reasons of planning world domination, and I noticed in 1962 that plans were being developed to exercise world domination through financial and economic manipulation and global financial control.

    My analysis of achieving and maintaining world financial control over any length of time appeared totally absurd, but our government and military industrial complex with the utilization of the world banking system and President Johnson (our first oil president) proceeded with absolute determination with the Viet Nam war, including the drilling for oil off the Viet Nam coast. The European countries in the 1980s opposed such controls and the economic take-over of countries and formed the European Union, of which President Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher strongly opposed. Now several regional economic unions are being formed to counter our desperate global economic domination plans amid the global climate change and global fossil fuel crisis. All these wars, financial and human losses did not have to occur and could have been avoided. Our government and military has failed the American people and the world.

    The supply of oil and gasoline was a major problem and had to be solved, because the US was going to run out of oil in about 1978 according to my research in 1963, and the US would have to import oil. My research of seismic and electronic sensors with computer analysis would help the exploration of oil but would not be adequate. Electronic and seismic oil exploration did not exist at that time and my research was sent to our government for funding. The oil companies obtained my research and developed my seismic and electronic exploration concept, but a new energy source was needed very soon. After a few weeks of research, I decided that hydrogen, obtained from the oceans (11%) were in adequate supply for several centuries and needed to be processed and developed. Basically, hydrogen cannot be consumed or destroyed and therefore is the ideal chemical element for regeneration.

    Further research of hydrogen regeneration processes with various chemical reaction elements indicated that this little jet plane would be able to travel very long distances without refueling. Some organic chemical reaction formulas indicated prolonged regeneration capabilities and in conjunction with some inorganic formulas could provide very long term regeneration capabilities. From the mechanical and practical standpoint any hydrogen regeneration processes and systems will wear out and need to be maintained and replaced. The hydrogen regeneration processes therefore needed to be thoroughly researched and tested for durability and safety concerns. Please see website:

    The next problem was the processing of large amounts of hydrogen from oceans waters. Various methods such as hydrolysis were considered in 1963, but ordinary electricity methods were energy intensive. The Hydrogen Regeneration Systems for some processes would produce excess energy and generate steam or heat to drive turbines very economically. All that is needed is the initial starting of the chemical reaction system to produce hydrogen obtained from ocean water and to operate the entire hydrogen regeneration system.

    The separation (dissociation) of hydrogen and some chemical reaction elements would not necessarily require complete separation during the regeneration process and a small amount of these chemical elements could be systematically discharged into waste containers for later processing or disposal. Complete separation of chemical reaction elements are naturally the most desirable process for regeneration. The use of solar, wind and nuclear waste energy for processing the hydrogen were considered, but are not very practical, because very large amounts of hydrogen need to be produced. I believed that I found a new method to produce very large amounts of hydrogen from ocean water by utilizing my hydrogen regeneration processes at that time in 1963.

    In late summer of 1963, I had sufficient confidence to build and test this little jet plane with new jet engines, but I also wanted to conduct experiments with my hydrogen regeneration processes and systems. Certified mail submittals for appropriation requests were sent to top government officials, including the defense department and federal agencies, but were met with silence or just acknowledgement of having received my disclosures by certified mail with return receipts.

    All sorts of intimidation and physical threats were used to discourage me from proceeding with my research for obvious reasons for seizing control of my research by the government and corporations. In spite of many employment problems and imposed financial hardships, I researched numerous valuable products in order to obtain the necessary funds to develop hydrogen energy regeneration processes and products, but I always was met with negative results. Some of my proposed products were later produced by several companies such as Acrylic Paints containing catalytic chemical reactions which creep into the pores of numerous types of materials to form a complete bond, such as steel, wood, stone, but also have excellent adhesion properties onto smooth surfaces such as glass or painted surfaces with new protective finish coatings such as for cars and furniture with the application of what is known as “Clear Coat.” Please see website:

    When catalytic chemical reactions form a complete bond by creeping into the pores of materials or smooth surfaces for weather exposure and exterior applications, rusting is reduced, paint peeling is reduced and maintenance is reduced for cars, trucks, trailers, buses, trains, bridges, boats, ships, farm equipment, construction equipment and construction machinery, et cetera. Acrylic catalytic chemical reactions reduces maintenance and painting every 5 or 10 years for houses, buildings and factories because of less weather damage and no separation of paint from the bonded surfaces of different materials. This research was completed in 1964, and none of my products involved infringements or employer proprietary products. My position as Assistant Experimental Engineer in 1960 for the assembly and production of automobile bodies included adhesives, bonding, sealing, coatings and paints, which were supplied by chemical and paint companies. The largest US paint companies were contacted, but all companies claimed to have no interest in my Acrylic Paints or Acrylic Catalytic Chemical Reaction Products, as usual. My research was extremely valuable with worldwide market potential and global economic benefits.

    While I continuously advocate and work toward a better future for the USA and better global relations, little or nothing is being done. Our USA defense budget for 2010 has been estimated to cost $704 billion and some official estimates claim the US defense budget to be over $1 Trillion for

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