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What is Love? is out Now

For fans of: The Maine, All Time Low, A Rocket to The Moon

Never Shout Never is 19-year-old Christofer Drew, who recently released his first album, What is Love?

NSN sings about love, heartbreak and being an outcast, all while looking on the bright side of life.

While NSN has garnered much praise for his album and has a massive following, courtesy of MySpace, What is Love? falls short of amazing. Drew’s bubbly acoustic rock is too juvenile and at times sounds like a childrens’ sing-along.

His song “i love you 5” is the epitome of a sing-along with lyrics like “I love you one, a two, a three shoobeedoo/I love you four.” To give Drew credit, he has a way with playing the acoustic guitar and making it the dominant sound of the majority of his songs.

His songs exude a ’60s pop vibe, which works well, especially in “can’t stand it” – the most mention-worthy and well-crafted song on the album. This song truly shows Drew’s music-making potential. The melodic sounds of the acoustic guitar, piano and tambourine, combined with catchy lyrics, make this song worthy of the “repeat” button.

In the song “what is love?” Drew sings about the demise of his parent’s relationship and looking up to the love they once had. Drew tries to create a powerful song, but overshoots and misses the mark. The high-pitch nature of his voice almost makes the song intolerable. The song “sacrilegious” is equally as bad, as Drew’s voice becomes somewhat cringe-inducing.

“Jane Doe” is one of the better songs on the album. The song is about being “overly attracted” to a girl. The lyrics are simple, sweet and the rhythmic sound of the guitar creates a relaxing feel.  The sound of an accordion playing in the background adds a unique touch to the song.

The album ends on a bad note with the acoustic song “The Past.” Everything about this song screams that a 19-year-old wrote it. It is three minutes and 15 seconds of high pitched whining filled with bad lyrics like “I’ve been smoking the green since I was merely 16/just to find a escape from this town that was so mean to me.” It seems like Drew was trying too hard to create an emotional, moving song.

It’s clear that Drew has potential – he’s skilled in playing the acoustic guitar and has a way with words (in two out of eight songs), but NSN has a long way to go before he can fine-tune his voice and sound.

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  • Well If your Gonna judge Him Then Don’t Talk Crap About Him At All He Even Sayd He Tries To Keep A Childish voice .Justin Beibers The One QWith The Screetchy Fuckin
    Ass nvoice so Dont go And Judge him Because he The Most Beautiful Sweet Loving Person That you Could Know So go to Hell

  • Well don’t read album reviews if you’re only looking for positive comments.

  • Exactly Drew, Every ones a critic..publicity sux. And people want to know why movie stars hide away? Constant Ridicule, constant judgement. Gotta make a living some how I guess? It must be a lot easier doing it at some one elses expense. The worst is the people who make this kind of behavior there “lifes work” and don’t even get paid for it. Wow. Merry Christmas Drew. Love the Album Art btw!

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