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While the effects of the statewide budget cuts have been felt by the California community, the Cal State University is about to admit 30,000 more students for the winter and spring 2011 terms throughout the 23 Cal State University campuses.

“The mission of the CSU is to educate California’s students and despite the uncertainty surrounding the budget, we need to provide services as best as we can,” said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.”We remain optimistic that the legislature is committed to higher education and that the final budget will restore the necessary funding to the CSU. The restoration of funding is vital to allow us to serve these students.”

In 2009 Cal State Fullerton was ranked amongst seven other CSU’s as suffering the worst from lack of funding and resources.

“We are doing the best we can to provide classes and sustain a good learning experience for all students, despite the suffering budget,” said Erik Fallis, media relations specialist for the CSU.

The CSU Public Affairs office was quoted alongside Chancellor Reed saying “The CSU has seen massive cuts in state support over the last two years and was forced to address the reduction in funding through the use of employee furloughs and workforce reductions, enrollment cuts and increased student fees.” Subsequently, spring enrollment was put to an abrupt halt, and because of that there was a “a record number of applications and unprecedented demand for admission for fall 2010.”

Fallis said that with the increase in students comes a little monetary relief. “We received a one-time stimulus of federal funds equaling $106 million that will go towards faculty payroll. Then we can use the CSU dollars to support new enrollment and adding spaces to classes as well as open up new classes for students.”

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed $306 million of state support and an additional $60.6 million to go towards enrollment funding.

Student Reaction:
How do you think this increase in students will affect our already large school?

“I think it is going to be hard for students who are trying to graduate next semester. It is already hard enough to get classes,” said Dora Armenta, a 20-year-old sociology student.

“I think we are screwed pretty much. There are already a lot of students here, with more students being added there will be less space to accomplish anything,” said Anna Coria, a 22-year-old biology student.

“Obviously it is going to create more of a problem in regards to the budget cuts,” said Shelley Villalobos, 22, senior sociology senior. “It is ridiculous. We should focus on the problems we have occurring locally on our campus first.”

In Dec. 2009, CSUF was ranked in the top 7 as some of the CSU’s suffering the worst from the cuts. Adding a couple more thousand students to this campus, what do you think?

“I am stuck taking just GE classes as a junior. I don’t like the idea of adding more and more students. But I am happy for the incoming students to receive a better higher education,” said Shu-yu Lin, an exchange student from Taiwan.

“A horrible idea. It is self-destructive to the system. It makes you question whether or not our education is even the goal now. Is it just about trying to make a profit?” Armenta said.

What kind of stress does this put on the faculty and staff that are already having to deal with lack of resources, large amounts of students and pay-cuts?

“I think it puts a lot of stress on the teachers. They cannot possibly handle much more stress here at work, I am sure the stress carries over majorly into different aspects of their life,” Coria said.

“There are two ways to look at it, whether the professors will care even more about their students or they won’t give a shit, quit and decrease the attention they give their students,” Villalobos said.

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  • All of the quotes are coming from biased opinions. I would bet that 80% of current seniors who were transfer students who were offered admissions to CSUF 2 years wouldn’t be offered admissions today. The only ridiculous thing is that they are majoring in Sociology.

  • The CSU does not know how to balance quality and quantity. The CSU believes its sole mission is to admit as many students as possible regardless of compromised quality for existing students. In reality only the students suffer when they are deprived of the best possible quality in the name of “Access for thousands more students.”

  • The problem is too many of the CURRENT students are taking their time graduating. 5 to 6 years at a 4-YEAR institution.

  • Wondfeurl explanation of facts available here.

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