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Some people make lists of what they’d like to do before they die, which is called a “bucket list,” but the guys on MTV’s The Buried Life actually go through with them. The series focuses on four Canadian native friends – Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood , Duncan Penn and Jonnie Penn – who made a bucket list. In each episode, we see them try to accomplish these things, but sometimes they fail. For everything they do on their list, they help a complete stranger with their own dream.

The first season left off with the cast throwing “the most bad ass party ever.” During the first season, the guys were only unable to complete two of their goals during the season ? “ask out the girl of your dreams” and “play basketball with the president.” They’ll try to redeem themselves with those two goals this season, which premiered Monday.

The guys were upset about not being able to get those two goals done, especially playing basketball with the president.

“(Playing basketball with the president) was something we definitely wanted to get done,” Nemetin said. “For me, I was super bummed out, but I understood at the time. We actually got a chance to visit the White House in April for our work in the community. We toured the White House and were asked by Reggie Love, Obama’s personal aide, to shoot out back after. About 15 minutes later the President came out and shot with us. He has a sick jumper.”

Although the show is mostly about the guys trying to cross things off their list, a real important part for them is helping people along the way.

“(Vancouver Island’s)…nearby forest was going to get cut down,” Lingwood said. “We helped (a girl on the island) raise money and make sure that didn’t happen, which was my favorite part of this past season.”

Jonnie, the younger Penn brother, is usually the guy who comes up with the “How To” portion of the show. He thinks about how they can achieve their goal and cross it off the list.

“You will see this season was pretty much go big or go home,” Jonnie said. “We try to make a million dollars, which is actually pretty crazy. Another episode that I had to use my brains big time is the ‘Survive On a Deserted Island.’ Being alone like that is crazy. We are putting the finishing touches on that episode.”

Another episode that stood out was “Streak and Get Away With It.” Duncan Penn said this was his favorite to cross off the list.

“Streaking is something I’ve wanted to do forever,” Duncan said. “You know people our age like to be wild and free, and that’s what this episode was all about – but you will see what happens in the end.”

The second season sounds very promising, as the guys have seemed to take things to another level. If this season is as successful as the first, MTV has a huge hit on their hands.

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