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World News Tonight with: Twitter?

@Jack: “One could change the world with one hundred and forty characters.”
And with that simple tweet, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey changed the way people communicate with each other and the world. One hundred and forty characters or less is all it takes to spawn a news buzz.

Twitter has evolved and matured into a newsworthy outlet for generation Y. People who normally wouldn’t know about breaking world news or keep in tune with political news now have the opportunity to learn and be aware of important events.

With news outlets such as CNN, The Washington Post and ABC News all using twitter to inform the public of instant breaking news, people now have access at their finger tips. They use the 140 character limit to tweet the story then add a link to their websites so the public can retrieve the full story. This gives these news outlets the ability to interact with their viewers a little more.

As soon as the story is tweeted, the millions of people following such news outlets go ahead and re-tweet the story, making their followers aware of the news as well. Twitter makes it possible for news stories to circulate faster.

Paul Lester, a communications professor, said that there is a connection with the information that people don’t have with traditional media.

“When I learn of a website that I think my students will find interesting, I display the URL on my Twitter page,” Lester said. “Doing this is just as easy as putting up an announcement in Blackboard or sending an email to every student, but with Twitter I can display the link to a wider audience—former and current students as well as the general public.”

Lester also said it’s important for students to see that technology can be used for purposes other than entertainment. It is also important for professors to use social media because the programs are so important in everyday life.

Twitter was first made so that people could update their friends of what they’re doing, but it seems that now people use it to follow up on news. Statistics from a digital buzz blog show that 41 percent of users have not tweeted since they created an account.

Crystal Cranston, a sociology student, is one of the many that are included in that statistic of users who never tweet. Cranston signed up for twitter in 2009 and mainly goes on there to follow up on her daily news. She follows a wide range of people on Twitter whether they are famous celebrities or news reporters.

“Twitter is where everything converges. I can get updates about what my favorite celebrity is up to and also updates on breaking news stories happening nationally and locally all on one page, in a matter of seconds,” Cranston said.

Like Cranston, business major Monique Gardea also goes on twitter to receive the latest news that she doesn’t have time to watch in the evening or night.

Gardea said that twitter gives her the instant gratification that her local nightly news doesn’t.

“Instead of waiting and watching the news for certain stories or reports to come up, I can get an instant update by following twitter that way I don’t miss any important news stories,” Gardea said.

With many people living such hectic and busy lifestyles, twitter makes it possible for them to be caught up on what’s going on in the world by reading 140 characters.

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  • I have been through myspace and dumped it, facebook which I keep just for friends, and linkedin for business. I started Twitter but feel it is just too much chaos. No real way to control how much info you get. I can delete people I don’t care about but it ssems that if someone is following me and over 1000 other people then what ever I say will just be lost. Am I missing something here?

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