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The Tea Party movement: bringing back the Patriots at full force to squash out micromanaging government control. The TPM is currently a group of mainly Republican people who are pissed off about the way the government is being run. All you tea partiers, join the club. AKA the majority of America who isn’t running around in golden underwear basking in the millionaire’s club and benefiting from our current legislation.

But what separates the TPM from the rest of pissed off America is the fact that they are in fact doing something (even if they have whored their original ideals to corporate America and the ever-present and corrupted media).
Today some might view the tea partiers as extreme right-wing conservatives. But was this party ever free from societal constraints and media intimidation?

I clearly remember the one time I applauded them for figuratively shoving at fatty middle finger in Capitol Hill’s face…I also think that it’s good to see that some of the more, shall I say, older citizens of this country are trying to do something instead of complain, since the youth are too immature and radical to know what they are talking about (that was meant to be read as sarcastic).

I am an indecisive tea party sort-of supporter. Meaning that I find myself agreeing with a few parts of their original manifesto. Original being the key word in that previous sentence.

This movement was pure at the beginning. It came on strong after three federal laws began pissing people off: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and a series of health care reform bills. With Ron Paul as its enthusiast and re-newer of the phrase “Tea Partier,” he started this liberal nation-wide movement with fiscal conservatism at its roots demanding change through 10, well-thought out guidelines for congressional candidates to follow.

So, what the hell happened to you guys? The TPM started out as such an innovative catalyst that could possibly bring about change. Now instead of organized national and local protests with educated followers and leaders, you have people joining the movement because they “just don’t like Obama,” and they do not even know why (according to an article from The Policy Page).

Today’s Tea Partiers do not like being associated with political parties, and some say that it is not a party at all, but more of an “anti-party.” F–k the system man, let’s rebel! Ok that is a bit extreme, but there are definitely some extremists strutting around as a “Patriot”.

An example: the Sept. 22 St. Louis Tea Party protesters finally revealing to the world that Obama is Hitler reincarnate without realizing that “in fact the Tea Party’s own fanatical style of politics is itself incredibly similar to that previously imbued by leaders of the Third Reich” quoted the Daily Fortnight paper.

Nice job guys. Seriously that doesn’t sound like you are being hypocritical at all. Perfectly calm and rational. Cough cough.

Judging the modern day TPM, do I agree with the fact that it is now somewhat infested with ultra-conservative sticks-up-their asses ignorant pricks (Sarah Palin)? No.

Do I support the fact that they are now a corrupted group with their backs against the wall and the media breathing down their necks? Oh, no.

This bandwagon titled: “Tea Party: The right thing to do or DIE a cruel death of government oppression” is now just a popular fad drowning out independent ideas and being replaced with conservative, mainly anglo supporters.

With people like Christine O’Donnell supporting the TPM, it is time to run for the hills, despite all of the rouge wildfires. I would rather die of smoke inhalation than have a certified nut-case as part of our government who claims she is a die-hard tea partier.

In case you don’t know her, O’Donnell is the recent Republican Party nominee for Delaware U.S. Senate. She is also known for saying she is capable of stopping all sexual intercourse in America, dabbling in satanical witchcraft, looking and acting like Palin’s twin and outwardly opposing “all abortions except if a woman is going to die, in which case her family could decide which life to save,” according to an article written by Politics Daily in September.

The fact that the “new” tea partiers and Sarah Palin have made her a celebrity over night cannot be a good endorsement for this once legitimate movement.

The TP manifesto was, in one phrase, “let’s kick it old school.” They wanted to bring the government back to its Constitutional roots and support lower taxes, wanted less government control, according to USA Today had a “firm conviction that the federal government has gotten too big and too powerful and a fear that the nation faces great peril” and in that same USA Today article stated that the TPM felt that “illegal immigrants in the long run cost taxpayers too much by using government services rather than becoming productive citizens.”

All this to stop the government from suffocating our economy through regulatory bureaucracies.

Such inspiring ideas…where did they go? Where did all the original supporters go? Stand up and speak out against the disgrace this nation has caused on your movement.

Any movement that has been sold to and endorsed by Sarah Palin and her drone Christine O’Donnell makes me want to burn down Capitol Hill and start all over again.

It freaks me out that people support these asylum escapees, especially when this movement was originally grassroots formed to bring forth REAL change. What sell-outs.

What do I really think?

I think capitalism is getting out of hand (big box corporations anyone?).

I think that our George Orwell depicted Big Brother government is micromanaging every facet of our lives.

I love people that speak out about their Constitutional rights because the government is too saturated with fat and self-satisfaction to care about the Constitution anymore.

The chant: “no taxation without representation!” needs to be reinstated in everyday vocabulary.

Don’t get me wrong-I mean I love tea (especially English-made tea) and I love a good party (especially one with revolution as its theme).

But putting them together and starting a now out-of-control corrupted-from-within-movement…hmmm, let’s just chuck Christine O’Donnell into Boston Harbor.

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2 commentsOn Get back to your roots, Tea Party

  • Wow…

    Ron Paul is not associated with the Tea Party…his son, Rand Paul, who’s running for Congress, is associated with it. “Liberal” notion of fiscal conservatism? That’s a joke! What liberal has run on fiscal conservatism? If any Democrat has run on fiscal conservatism, they’re seen as a moderate, not a liberal, that’s for sure!

    The Tea Party Movement was (unintentionally) started by CNBC’s Rick Sanetelli for his rant against government spending and suggesting a tea party.

    Sarah Palin wasn’t made a celebrity overnight by the tea party, the media can thank themselves for that, with a constant fascination on her. If they had just ignored her, she would have faded into obscurity. And Sarah Palin an ultra conservative? That’s a joke!

    Wait…that seems to be the theme of this Op-Ed…Daily Titan strikes again with sub-par journalism!

  • Lynnea Urania Stuart

    It’s interesting how the Republicans opened their ballot to “Independent Voters” in the last primary, isn’t it? After all, what has been the predominent voice of the Tea Party? Isn’t it the Conservatism of Goldwater and Reagan mixed with the theocratic Americanism of McBernie and Fallwell? Couldn’t the Tea Party essentially be reabsorbed into the Republican Party at any time? I have often wondered what that has done to the poll workers of my precinct in the last election who somehow haven’t taken seriously the idea that anyone votes with a non-partisan ballot.

    I have never in my 35 years as a voter registered with a political party. I have simply never found any party’s message as agreeable or their candidates essentially good. But in the last primary I asked for the usual non-partisan ballot. I was turned over to a senior poll worker who argued that I need to vote with either a Republican or Democrat ballot. I refused and asked again for a non-partisan ballot. More arguing. My request turned into a demand. Still he argued. I told him that unless he gives me a non-partisan ballot, I would walk out and report him personally to the Registrar.
    Only then did he relent and give me the proper ballot.

    But I still fired off letters of complaint to the Registrar of Voters and the Secretary of State for this form of political recruitment. I received a profuse written apology from the Registrar the next month. But the polling place is no different for my precinct now than it was in the primary. I sent a request for an absentee ballot.

    But I have often wondered that if the Tea Party never happened, would I have met up with this outrage? If Tea Partiers aren’t really the “Independents” they claim to be, how will anyone take seriously the rest of us who have nothing to do with political parties?

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