Artists fight AIDS and HIV at the Hibbleton Gallery

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Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are three commodities that might consume the thoughts of musical wannabes. Endless nights of raging parties, alcohol and women are pre-qualifications for up-and-coming rockers. Yet just over the rainbow there is a world in Technicolor– the kind of world that reminds some music aficionados that music is more than a self-indulgent drunk mania. For those involved with the Sounds Like a Movement organization, music is about creating lasting communities and raising awareness for overseas causes.

In the fight against HIV and AIDS in Uganda, through collaborations with the nonprofit organization 31 Bits, Kevin Morrison, Paulie Pesh, Red Cortez and the Jona Lyons Band will perform at the Hibbleton Gallery in Downtown Fullerton, Friday.

“(Sounds Like a Movement) takes artists and humanitarians to different areas to build cultures in smaller-based communities,” Morrison said.

From the University of Washington, Morrison has commuted to Orange County to play shows while supporting his album, Of Whom I Am. With a folk-acoustic yet polished sound, Morrison’s set will utilize a full band and will accent Southern California musician Pesh as well.

Located in the heart of Downtown Fullerton, the Hibbleton is an art gallery that not only serves local artists, but also local musicians. Those who speak fondly of the Hibbleton and its co-founder Jesse La Tour, appreciate the efforts that keep the local artists’ network together.

“(The Hibbleton) is a great spot, not only because of who owns it, but because of the atmosphere,” Pesh said. “Jesse La Tour is one of the reasons I like the place.”

However, the real masterminds behind the evening’s events are the organizers at Sounds Like a Movement. The organization has brought together all types of people — musicians, artists, nonprofiters and of course, the general public to spread awareness of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Friday evening’s performances start at 6 p.m. The event is free, but donations are welcomed. Throughout the evening, 31 Bits will sell handmade Ugandan jewelry to support African women who have been effected by the epidemic. Art pieces will be showcased throughout the gallery as well.

“We want to highlight the Hibbleton, 31 Bits… and musicians— local and global,” said CJ Casciotta, event organizer. “We want to make… a cause-oriented culture.”

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