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There is an old saying that goes, “It’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t done.”

Being a senior in college is unlike any other feeling I’ve experienced. All those years spent at community college, trying to gain enough units to transfer to a university, then waiting to be accepted to the university and then embarking on a new chapter in a new school seems like a cycle that will always be in rotation. During the time, it seems as if college will never end, until one day, it does. It is then that I have nothing left to do but reflect back on the things I wish I would have done differently during my time on campus.

That’s the thing; I didn’t spend much time on campus. My time on campus consisted of attending my classes and speeding away as quickly as the professor said “until next class session.” I walked out of there like the roadrunner running away from Wile E. Coyote, avoiding everyone in sight. At the time, my outside life seemed to be far more important.

It is only now that I ask myself “why didn’t I try to make more connections with the people I saw every day?”

If I could change one thing about my college experience, it would be to have been a more active part of campus life.

Though Cal State Fullerton is known as a commuter’s school and many people live far away and have their own lives away from school work, I know many like myself, that wish they would have been part of club or organization relative to their major while in college.

Through journalism, I’ve been required to meet new people on campus that I never would have before. I’ve had to interview a variety of people in different majors for stories, and really enjoyed the interaction.

I once interviewed a theatre dancer on campus and followed him around for a day. It was amazing to see how well known and liked he was by the people in his department. A variety of high fives and hugs were exchanged as he walked down the halls. He talked with many people about his classes and what they were all going to do after school that evening. It was an entire social experience I never even thought of.

Even in the newsroom, it seems as though tight bonds have been formulated by having to spend endless hours together in the name of education. It’s nice to witness a sense of fun in a community of students.

I feel that age range plays a large part in campus life. Students who attend universities straight out of high school are more likely to have free time to dedicate to activities due to a lesser amount of responsibilities than that of older students. Often times, younger students are attending without having to work at the same time. Whether college is being paid for by parents or financial aid, not having necessary job priorities really makes it easier for a more active social life on campus. When you’re an older student time is valuable when you have a full-time job, kids and a family to worry about.

In retrospect, I wish I would have been active in my major, especially since campus activities and volunteer work help build your resume. So take my wise advice, freshmen, sophomores and juniors: take this time to gain experience and networks to be well prepared for the job world.

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