Devil’s Advocate: College campuses should integrate men and women in dorm rooms

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The option of coed dorms should be provided to college students.

The conservative side to this argument will likely point out the provocatively promiscuous activities that will be going on behind closed doors. Hmm… two stressed-out, hormone-peaking young adults having sex? Like this hasn’t been going on for years.

That’s a good point, I guess, from a narrow-minded stance.

On, an article titled, “College Dorms Should Just Take Gender Out Of The Equation” by Anna North states, “All college students deserve access to gender-neutral housing — they’re sophisticated enough that they don’t need to be systematically kept away from an entire gender for fear that they might bone.”

If you step back and have a broader outlook on the situation and the purpose of college, you will notice that this environment that you spend four, five, sometimes even more years consumed by is supposed to prepare you for the real world.

The college experience is the vast majority’s first step of freedom, their first shot at adulthood.

From this point forward, college students begin to realize the importance of being able to successfully interact with other people and a key part of that interaction is with the opposite sex.

We do not live in a sequestered world and it is no secret that we are going to be interacting with members of the opposite sex for the rest of our lives.

In an environment where we are expected to grow and most likely mature with intentions to prepare us for reality, how is gender-segregation justifiable?

Just because two people are the same gender does not mean they share the same interests, and one’s gender is definitely no indication of their sexuality or sexual activity.

Being an adult boils down to making decisions and controlling your freedom, and being left with the liberty to conduct your own affairs yet being forced to act responsibly.

When I hear the arguments of the “anti-coed” disputers, I can’t help but focus on the “outdated-ness” of their prudish doubts, their obliviousness to compatibility and their lack of optimism in the younger generation’s maturity.

Sharing a dorm with someone of the opposite sex would not be mandatory; it would be an option. And as young adults paying for housing on campus, we should be given the option to choose with whom we room.

Unfortunately, many people question college students’ capability to “handle” such a huge breakthrough. But as I see it, the less intrusive the regulations, the less of a big deal the circumstances become.

Gender-neutral barriers need to be broken down because quite frankly, like North pointed out, if one wanted to have an orgy, segregated rooms are not going to prevent that.

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